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D-backs fans among chillest about umpiring

Or maybe our apathy simply runs deep...

Atlanta Braves v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

According to a data sweep conducted by, which used a trends software and Twitter API, Arizona Diamondbacks fans tweet fewer complaints about umpires than any other fanbase. This graphic is based on Twitter data since the start of the season. BetOnline tracked negative tweets from each MLB fanbase about “umpires.” For example, all tweets tagging or mentioning a team, that also talk about umpires, and contain negative keywords such as cheat, cheating, horrible, awful, worst, screwed, paid, terrible, favoring, stupid, dumb, overturn, embarrassing, bad call, missed call, horrible call, terrible call, etc. This was repeated for each of the 30 franchises.

The biggest complainers were Cardinals’ fans, among whom almost 6.9% of Tweets tell into the above category. This is approaching ten times the percentage of the team whose supporters complained least. That would be Guardians’ fans, for whom only 0.71% of Tweets were official-critical ones. Not far above them were us here in Arizona. We were still below one percent of our Tweets, at 0.9%. Indeed, most of the NL West seems pretty calm and restrained on the topic: three of the four lowest percentages across all of MLB were in this division (the Dodgers and Padres were just above Arizona, in 28th and 27th place respectively). Only Giants’ fans ranked above average, coming in ninth at 4.7% of Tweets.

Now, this is far from an infallible survey. I do not believe it would have picked up my traditional, curt Tweet on the topic, consisting of a screenshot of Gameday, accompanied by the tag #RoboUmpsNow. It may also, as noted in the headline, reflect other factors. If you feel your team is likely to contend, then every bad call becomes magnifed in importance. Here, a bad call might make the different between 73 and 72 wins: so what? Yet, looking at the rankings, there doesn’t appear to be an enormous correlation between umpire angst and wins. Nationals and Mariners fans are near the top, even though their teams have barely been above .500 since Opening Day.

Anyway, below is a chart showing all thirty rankings: