Delaying the service clock...

I'm all for the Dbacks delaying the service time clock when they are winning ball games. But, when the MLB team is losing more than 50% of their games, I would toss that strategy into the dumpster.

When having a solidly winning team, any excuse not to mess with the chemistry of the team is a winning strategy. But, when we are being served a steady diet of win one, lose two, we get very weary of the team trying to sell us that the long run will be just fine. I've run out of patience with this ball club. Now I look at the minor league teams as part of the problem and NOT as a solution. To me, it feels like the GM et al are still hoping for all of their young stars suddenly playing like instant pros. Ahem... guys, the strategy is not working.

The collective effort by the Minor League teams is pretty much like the big club...winning less than 50% of their games. In all honesty, that result makes any "marketing ploy" labeled as drinking the cool-aide.

The GM NEEDS to re-think about how he is going to turn around this team on very lean budgets because he is earning an "F" in my book.