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Turambar’s Tidings: Atlanta 6, D-backs 2

Bleh. At least it wasn’t a shutout?

MLB: JUL 30 Diamondbacks at Braves Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Hello again!

Once more I report to you up north in good ole Flagstaff.

Normally I’d look forward to being up here for good weather, but considering all the rain all over the state I guess I’m just up here for a change of scenery.

Enough of that though, let’s get in to the game.

Inning 1:

  • Peralta is no longer a Dback, and before I start to even consider this game I’d like to raise up a glass and toast the Freight Train. toast noises

Peralta’s absence has cleary rattled our bats a bit; as a 1-2-3 opening inning showcases.

  • Corbin Martin helps put the Braves on the board with a solo shot given up to Matt Olson. Not the ideal way to open a game, but at least a crooked number was avoided.

Inning 2:

  • Still no bats for us at all in this young game. Bleh.
  • The Braves though, with another bomb, seem to have easily figured out Martin in the early going. This time though our buddy Corbin gives up a 2run bomb, making it a early 0-3 Braves lead.

Inning 3:

  • Another no-hit inning for the Sneks. Huh. I didn’t sign up for this shit.
  • Thankfully Corbin rights the ship a bit here in the 3rd as he gets his first bloodless inning. That’s just swell.

Inning 4:

  • No-hit. Again, Can’t make this up folks.
  • Contreras get’s his second homer of the night off Corbin, which kinda showcases the lopsided night we’re having thus far. Yup, it’s gonna be a quick and uneventful recap folks.

0-4 Braves going in to the 5th.

Inning 5:

  • YAY! McCarthy breaks up the no-hitter with a double! Sadly that and our Buddy Kennedy’s walk is all we get an we’re off to the bottom of the 5th still down by 4.
  • Martin’s night is done and it’s up to Caleb Smith to keep this game close in some capacity for us. He’s up to the challenge though, and despite a lead off Swanson single we’re off to the 6th with the same deficit of 4.

Inning 6:

  • Another nada inning for the Dbacks. No bats have shown up yet folks. That’s pretty much how it is.
  • Caleb can’t quite keep his end of the bargain in his second inning on the mound; allowing a walk to Ozuna, triple to Rosario and then 1out single to Arcia making it a 0-6 game. Bleh.

Inning 7:

  • New Braves pitcher, but same results for our Sneks: nada
  • Ramirez is in for Caleb and he manages to keep things “close” and we’re only down by 6 going in to the 8th.

Inning 8:

  • Seriously. I was hoping for a fun and engaging game to write about, but I sure as shit didn’t get that. Thankfully some artfully crafted edibles have at least kept me mildly engaged, but that’s about it.

On that note our bats in the top of the 8th mail it in once more and we’re still very much down by 6.

  • Holton ascends the mound in this otherwise hopeless game to make it less hopeless. He does so, but it still feels hopeless. Lol at us.

Inning 9:

  • Bllllehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Seriously, I bet most of you didn’t read this far. Game over.

Ok, fine. Varsho got us one run back. Yay

Ok, fine fine fine. McCarthy drives in another run and out hopeless game is slightly less hopeless at 2-6.

Game over.


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Yes, this was definitely a game which Patrick watched, so we wouldn’t have to, and for that, we thank him. The first game of the post-Peralta era wasn’t exactly the best start to it. But we did get one last Freight Train-esque moment, after McCarthy broke up the perfect game, which led to Jack getting Comment of the Game for this:

And in case you’re wondering what that was about...

Final game of the series tomorrow morning, and the Diamondbacks try avoid following up a sweep by being swept. Merrill Kelly takes the mound for them, in a contest which starts at 10:20 am or some similarly insane hour for a Sunday morning...