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David Peralta traded to the Tampa Bay Rays

The longest currently tenured Diamondback is no longer.

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Arizona Diamondbacks have traded outfielder David Peralta to the Tampa Bay Rays, where he should have a chance at playing in the World Series as he finishes up the last two months of his contract. The Rays are sending minor league catcher, Christian Cerda to Arizona in return.

Peralta, who will be turning 35 in a couple weeks, was originally signed out of Independent Ball in 2013. A former pitcher turned hitter after two shoulder surgeries, Peralta managed to not only beat the odds to make the major leagues but also a productive career. With the D-backs, Peralta played in 961 games, hit .283/.340/.463 with 110 home runs, and compiled 15.3 WAR according to Baseball Reference. He was scheduled to reach free agency after this season, and with a glut of left-handed hitting outfield prospects in Reno was unlikely to be re-signed this upcoming winter.

What Tampa Bay will be receiving is a solid left-handed platoon bat, with Peralta putting up a 121 wRC+ against righties in the 2022 season, and a solid defender in left field. Defensive runs saved has Peralta at -1 runs, while Statcast’s Outs Above Average metric is more bullish at +4 OAA. Peralta should help the Rays handle the loss of Kevin Kiermaier in the lineup, who recently underwent season-ending hip surgery.

Christian Cerda is a 19-year-old lottery ticket, who is currently putting up decent numbers with the Rays’ complex affiliate. In his first 20 games, Cerda is batting .315/.464/.519 with more walks than strikeouts in 69 plate appearances.

While a sad day for Diamondbacks fans, who remember Peralta’s ultimate perseverance and success story well, it was necessary in order to start building towards the future. The 150 trips to the plate he would have gotten down the stretch can instead going towards evaluating a player who may be around long enough for the next D-backs team to make the playoffs. The Snake Pit wishes the best of luck to Peralta and the Tampa Bay Rays for the final two months of the season and the postseason, should they get there.