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Fang Food: Caesar’s Sportsbook at Chase Field

After the legalization of sports betting in Arizona, it was only a matter of time before their was a sportsbook at Chase Field. It’s arrived, and we checked it out!

a group, selfie style photo of (from right to left) Mrs. Snakepit, Jim, myself, my wife, and Michael McDerrmott in the Caesar’s Sportsbook at Chase Field

Over the years of me doing Fang Food on the Pit, there has usually been a focus on whatever crazy, diabetes-inducing, artery clogging monstrosities that the evil scientists that Levy’s employs comes up with, or just in general, you know, food. So it’s definitely a departure for this article to be about a sportsbook. Originally, this was going to talk about both the sportsbook and the food, but ended up being enough for two articles, so look for the review of Guy’s DTPHX Kitchen + Bar in the coming week!

Before we get into the food, let’s set the stage a little bit. Caesar’s Sportsbook and Guys’ DTPHX both reside in the location that previously housed Sliders and Game 7 Grill. Those both are establishments that while they’ve had a long tenure, I don’t feel like either of them had a significant enough following for any one to really miss them when they went away, so it was the perfect location for the team and Levy’s to try something new, especially given the inevitability of a sportsbook at Chase Field, it just made sense.

One very interesting thing I noticed while we of the ‘Pit were there, it was incredibly empty. We went during the All Star Game, and for long stretches of our time there, we were the only people not on Levy’s payroll in the main area, though we did suspect that there might have been a team gathering of the scouting/analytics department in the upper level! It’s a sad commentary on both the state of the league in general, and also to Kendrick and Hall’s point that the current location does not lend itself to an entertainment district.

The Sportsbook

I’m going to preface this by saying there are definitely more qualified people to write a review of the sportsbook itself than I am. This was my first time ever setting foot in a sports book, and the first time I had ever bet on a sporting event. But I’m the one who went, and I’m the self proclaimed Entertainments Manager, so it falls to me!

It was... fine. It would be fun to go to especially on an NFL Sunday and watch 15, 16 games at once, and use a couple of well placed wagers to keep you interested. Lots of TV’s, willing to turn the sound on for the ASG at least, good views at all the tables. One issue I could see in the future though was the lack of indoor tables. There wasn’t more than 7 or 8 four tops inside, plus two areas of bar seating. The patio was huge, but as we all know it’s unusable at least six months of the year.

I’m hardly a high roller, so I didn’t walk in with much money and wasn’t planning on making any splashy bets. However, I did want to make three or four and spread the money out a bit. I was planning on betting on who would win the game, and then picking three or four player oriented bets (like O/U on Kershaw K’s for example). I was disappointed to find that those kinds of bets simply weren’t an option. The staff kept directing me to the app to make those kinds of bets, instead of being able to place them in person. Limiting the bets that you’re able to make in person makes going to the sportsbook less appealing to me. I could just as easily place them from my phone in the comfort of my own home.

However, I wonder if it was an issue with the bets offered at the sportsbook, or if it was in issue with the staff. They didn’t seem to be particularly interested in being helpful, nor did they seem particularly familiar with the types of bets that are fairly common, at least to my knowledge. I had to explain in detail the type of bets that I wanted to place before getting told that they didn’t think that was possible and I was better off using the app. Either way, not a great look for Caesar’s.

I did win one of the two bets I ended up placing, and claiming my winnings wasn’t an issue in the slightest. I just walked up to the counter, handed them my slip, and had my cash within 30 seconds. Granted, that was also made possible by the fact that I was the only bettor in the place, so...

All in all, I think it would be a fun place to go, especially if you were planning on making a day of it and there were several sporting events going on. Even on a day when there wasn’t a significant amount going on in the sporting world, they did have a variety of programs on the TV’s, and nothing in particular dominated the screens. The bigger screens were devoted to the All Star Game, of course, but the smaller ones had ESPN, FS1, MLB Network and a couple of other things on them. However, if you go before or after a Diamondbacks game, be prepared to sit outside. I’ll definitely be back soon, especially when you factor in the food, which we will next week!