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Snake Bytes: 7/27 - Manufactured Slights

It seems someone in the Diamondbacks organization may have gone to the Michael Jordan School for Creating Motivation

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San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Kelsey Grant/Getty Images

Diamondbacks News

San Francisco 3, Arizona 7
When a team says that a game went just the way they drew it up, this is pretty much what they are talking about. The Diamondbacks scored quickly. Tyler Gilbert was an effective opener, giving the Diamondbacks two runs through the rotation. Then, the bullpen took over and was mostly spot-on, allowing only one run, two hits, and one walk. Mark Melancon even looked the sharpest he has all season long.

Diamondbacks Fired Up by “Kapler Quote”
The Snakes did not take so kindly to Gabe Kapler inferring that his team (which had just been swept in a four-game series by the Evil Empire of the West) would get healthy and right coming to AZ to play the struggling Diamondbacks. The slight added extra motivation for a team already looking for ways to prove that they are more than a AAAA ballclub. Just one problem, Gabe Kapler never said anything of the sort. In fact, it’s pretty much the opposite of everything he has been saying for a while now.

Diamondbacks Ride Homers to Victory
Carlos Rodón was mostly dominant, striking out 10 through six innings while allowing only three hits and two walks. However, sequencing and regression are fickle mistresses. Carlos Rodón’s unsustainably low rate of home runs on fly balls was exposed, coming on the heels of allowing free passes.

Carlos Rodón Loses Temper, Nearly Injures Teammate
The Giants’ starting pitcher was less than thrilled about how his night shook out despite having just retired seven in a row.. Taking out his frustrations on his way into the dugout, he lashed out, kicking a nearby bat. That bat went on to hit poor wandering teammate Thairo Estrade in the knee.

Carson Kelly Continues Turnaround
For the first part of the season, the Diamondbacks primary backstop was the very worst hitter in the game, the only one with 90+ at-bats to be sporting a negative wRC+. Some were calling for him to be benched or cut, anything to get him out of the lineup. Now that he is healthy and has had a chance to work on his timing, he is quickly turning his season around and is closing in on being a league average hitter again. Since 26 June, Kelly is hitting .379 and posting an OPS of 1.180. Kelly’s resurgence has also helped spark more productivity from the lineup as a whole.

Druw Jones Suffers Injury
Only two days after signing with Arizona, Druw Jones was taking batting practice when, on the next to last swing, he felt something tweak in his shoulder. An MRI has been conducted and he will meet today with a surgeon to get a fuller evaluation. This injury likely ends any chance of Jones getting any sort of reps this season and could shelve him into next year. An MRI was completed before he signed. That MRI was clean.

Diamondbacks Agree to Terms with Nine Picks
The newest additions leave 12 unsigned picks. The top selection amongst that group is right-handed pitcher Dylan Ray out of the University of Alabama, their fourth round pick.

Other Baseball News

Blue Jays Win Seventh Straight
Toronto’s offense has caught fire and it is taking no prisoners. Those blue birds from Canada have now won seven straight, putting them in first in the Wild Card race.

Seven Deadline Deals that Could Make Waves
If the Giants were to really offer the stated package for David Peralta, Mike Hazen should be driving Peralta to the Bay area himself.

Stanton to IL
Despite their massive lead in the division, this is the Sword of Damocles that has been hanging over their heads for a long time now.

Contreras, Happ Enjoy Emotional “Farewell” at Wrigley
All indications are that the pair will be dealt at the deadline before the Cubs return home again.