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Tidings from Turambar: Nats 2 Dbacks 7

Gooooooood Dbacks. Fulfill your destiny!

Arizona Diamondbacks v Washington Nationals
The sweep is in play
Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

A long time ago, in an NL West far away, there was a team that both frustrated and pleased their fans. Though at least this season is more watchable than the prequels and MadBum slightly more so (insane encounters with umpires not withstanding),

So join me once more on this fun filled Star Wars Day!

Inning 1:

  • MadBum starts things off with a very solid 1-2-3 inning, though Soto almost crushed one deep to right.
  • Alek truly is the king of infield singles, as he hustles in our first hit of the afternoon. Then, being the try-hard that he is, steals second.

A walk to Marte, followed by a bloop single from CWalk juices the bases for Freight Train, which left me hoping for glory, but I was rewarded with a sac fly. I’ll take it. 1-0 Dbacks.

Inning 2:

  • Varsho tried his very best to keep MadBum’s perfect game intact, but he’s no Alek, and thus was one step too slow to make a dramatic catch in Right. That lone hit leads to nought though, and our lead remains intact at 1.
  • Carson Kelly, who me and the other Brutes have crapped on quite a bit, hits a solo shot to start off the bottom of the 2nd. Is he finally finally finally finally coming around? Maybe? Regardless a 2-0 lead is nice.

Inning 3:

  • Another single conceded by MadBum, which after a steal, a wild pitch and a fielders choice puts the Nats on the board. 2-1 Dbacks
  • Mostly quiet end of the frame for the Sneks, just hope they don’t settle in to their usual mid game sloth..

Inning 4:

  • Another 1-2-3 inning for MadBum. I feel like I’m always doing recaps with him on the mound, and though I want to like him as a fan I can’t shake off how disappointing his acquisition has been. Not sure how much I can blame him or our front office, but getting him has not been the blessing I hoped for.
  • A Kelly walk a followed by a McCarthy double leads to Kelly making a very clutch choice to gut out a run home on a infield hit. I’m starting to warm up to Kelly, and that makes me feel weird…3-1 Dbacks.

Inning 5:

  • Long chat with midwestern couple next to me has distracted me from this whole inning. So forgive me. It appears that I didn’t miss much though.

Inning 6:

  • MadBum is still very much in charge and has 7Ks though 6innings. Winning!
  • Another run! Courtesy of a clutch McCarthy 2out single to drive in Peralta.

Perdomo then drives in another followed by a Rojas walk, prompting the Nats to consider pulling Machado (who only just took the mound this inning). Thus Alek enters the stage, and doesn’t disappoint at all with a bases clearing double. The force is truly strong with this one. 7-1 Dbacks

Inning 7:

  • Had to get home, so the time in between is lost, but luckily MadBum is still very solid and our bats didn't do nada so I missed out on a grand total of nada.

Inning 8:

  • MadBum, though great today, is human. His homer to given up Robles is just a tiny imperfection on an otherwise great outing. Still not happy with his signing overall, but I’m happy tonight at least.
  • No more surprises from the Dbats, but after all they’ve done tonight that’s just fine. So we go in to the 9th up a comfortable 7-2.

Inning 9:

  • Weaver is now in to close things out for the amazing Madbum. He closes things out quite easily and I am now off to have some dinner. Cheers all!

Original Trilogy: Madison Bumgarner +26.4%
Prequels: Jake McCarthy +12.9%, Carson Kelly +10.4%
Christmas Special: Daulton Varsho -7.5%

Michael McDermott’s Video Recap