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PYW’s 22: Week 15

How are we improving All Star Week, folks?

A cyclist holds up a bouquet of flowers in one hand and cradles a trophy in another following the Tour de France Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

wThis episode of PYW’s is brought to you by... The Arizona Summer! It’s 100-and bull— degrees outside and the moment you step through the door, you spontaneously combust! There are no redeeming qualities. It’s miserable, and even using your swimming pool is more like using a powered off Jacuzzi! But hey! At least it’s a dry heat, amiright?? Arizona Summers, making you wonder why you live here since the day you got here!

And welcome back! Last week, in honor of our deeply cherished meaning(ful)less exhibition game, I asked you to come up with a new skills challenge to celebrate All Star Week. Lots of great suggestions, and I say it with all sincerity that each one of them would make for a more interesting All Star Week if they were adopted. We only have three spots on our podium, however, so without further ado, in third place we find M_lopez with 2 recs!

New All Star Weekend event: Slap match with Tommy Pham. Pham is a special invitee. Event is live. Simultaneous social media commentary. Each All Star gets slapped once by Pham, and gets to slap Pham once as well. Social media votes for the winner in a special poll. Pham could win. But my money is on Goldy’s forearms. This event will be lucrative for the associated sports books as well.

OH MY GOD YES. I have no snarky commentary, I don’t have any jokes, I just neeeeeed this to happen. Please.

Jack Sommers takes second place with three recs!

This is a serious one. I think it would be really cool for a team of the best blue chip prospects to play a game against the best major league all stars. The kids would be motivated to impress and prove they belong. The veteran all stars would be motivated not to be embarrassed. I think you would get a good competitive game

I want say that I would watch this, but an event like this is actually something that I could see MLB doing, but then resurrecting Quibi to be the exclusive streaming home of it so no one would be able to watch it.

And finally, Xerostomia takes the top spot on our podium with 5 recs!

Most number of strikes while doing a gymnastics move, followed by a gif of a gymnast doing some sort of cartwheel move where she always has one foot on the ground, while some how managing to throw a pitch that is nearly a strike


Players Recs
Players Recs
Xerostomia 8
Diamondhacks 7
Jack Sommers 6
MrRbi17 4
gzimmerm 3
M_lopez 2

Welcome to the top of the standings, Xerostomia! With their five rec performance this week, they managed to surpass Hacks’ seven rec performance and take a slight lead in the overall standings! However, the entire leaderboard is within easy striking distance, and we’re still early enough in the competition that one excellent week could vault someone to the lead.

Over the past week or so, there has been a lot of news surrounding Juan Soto, the Nationals, and his contract situation. Word came out that he turned down a massive contract offer from the Nats, and that they were now open to listening to trade offers, as it was clear they would not be re-signing him. Every single team in the league should be doing their due dillagance on this one, so with that in mind, please put together the best Arizona-themed trade package we could offer our nation’s capitol in exchange for one of the best young players in the league. Go!