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Diamondbacks fans love the draft class of 2022

Headed by Druw Jones, it adds to the prospects maturing down on the farm.

2022 Major League Baseball Draft Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

A clear majority of fans who responded to the poll gave the Diamondbacks an “A” grade for their selection. 56% voted for that, with a further 38% chipping in with a B-grade. Those two categories represented the vast majority of respondents, with only 6% covered by the C, D and F grades. Nobody at all voted an F. Considering the team had the second overall pick, in what seems to be generally regarded as a solid draft, and has already signed him according to reports, you’d probably have to try quite hard to get an F! Here’s the full breakdown of the numbers.

Here’s a selection of comments from those explaining their grades:

  • DbacksEurope - I give an A. They couldn’t blow it with Druw Jones, considered by many the best pick possible in the entire draft, and they didn’t. The rest…time will tell.
  • Jack Sommers - I’d say B+, but that’s not an option in the poll. I would like to see where they land after all the signings are done. Did they save enough to be able to sign one or two of the late high school kids ? Too early to tell but getting a few guys to give up money and putting that to good use would bump to an A.
  • jeffern51 - A. They signed the best player in the draft, the best college hitter in the draft, and (arguably) the best college pitcher in the draft before he blew out his arm. Only thing that would have made this better for me was also nabbing Ben Joyce. Not sure what more you guys could want?
  • Heath Klein - I’d give it a minimum B with Jones already locked in, and definitely an A if we can get some of the later guys pulled away from their commitments.
  • ILIKEPOTATOES - I think my grade depends on how you look at the draft. If you look at the entire class, then there’s no way you can’t give them an A+... If you think that taking Jones was a no brainer and we should assess the class after that, then that’s a bit trickier... With that in mind, I’d give the draft a B (I’m mostly excited for Sims, Melendez, and Savino), but this could go up to an A if they sign at least a couple of high schoolers after round 10.