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Diamondbacks MLB Draft, Day 3 Open thread

Rounds 11-20 take place today.

2022 Major League Baseball Draft Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Damn, remember when the MLB draft used to run for FIFTY rounds? Now, it seems like even the current twenty is something of a chore. I get the feeling there probably won’t be too much to say about today’s proceedings. With over three hundred players already off the board, including almost all of the top prospects, scouting information is likely going to be in fairly short supply. But there still could be some picks with interesting credentials, such as being local to Arizona, or having a strong baseball heritage. I’ll endeavor to update this every now and again with the picks, though since I’m working today, I can’t make any guarantees as to the timeliness of said updates!

Even with the curtailed draft, there are still potential superstars to be found after the 10th round. You need look no further than today’s All-Star Game, which includes the likes of Albert Pujols (a 13th-round pick) and our own Joe Mantiply. He probably wouldn’t even be drafted under the current format, having been chosen in th 27th round originally. There are actually three men on the rosters today who were picked even later, going all the way down to 36th-round pick Nestor Cortes.

You can follow the draft on, and it should move pretty quickly since there is no formal gap between pitches.