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MLB Women’s Baseball Day

I asked a question. A year later, again I ask the same question.

Jocelyn Alo hits a homer in last year’s game 3 of the Women’s College World Series.
Jocelyn Alo hits a homer in last year’s game 3 of the Women’s College World Series.
Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

What if there was an MLB Women’s Baseball Day? On that day, what if the baseball commissioner directed each MLB team to include a woman on the starting roster? Fans like me would love it!

Women athletes in any sport could participate. Many women would be great choices.

In July of last year, in this AZ Snake Pit article, I looked at softball player Dejah Mulipola at catcher and tennis player Bianca Andreescu at second base. They continue to be excellent choices. Let’s look at their recent highlights.

Dejah Mulipola.

This month, with Dejah Mulipola at catcher, Team USA won the gold at the World Softball Games. The final two teams (USA and Japan) were undefeated until the finals. For details see this SB Nation article.

“Mulipola appeared in all five games for Team USA. She had eight hits in 13 at-bats for a .615 batting average and ended with a .682 slugging percentage. She was responsible for five RBIs and four runs scored.” — K Doss

Bianca Andreescu.

She continues to play tennis with power. She continues to complete in top world tournaments.

  • In this year’s Italian Open, she reached the quarterfinals before losing to Ige Swiatek, # 1 player in the World.
  • In this year’s Bad Homburg Open, she lost to Caroline Garcia in the final match of the tournament.

This season, let’s look at Jocelyn Alo to play designated hitter (DH) for the Diamondbacks.

Jocelyn Alo has experience playing with the guys.

My view is that she will easily fit with the Diamondbacks for three reasons:

  • She is among the very best batters in history. She would be accepted with comradery as another professional at the top of their game.
  • She is a power hitter, able to transform D-back runners into RBIs.
  • She has experience playing baseball with the guys.

“When I played baseball [with the guys] I did in Hawaii. I played with Markus Ramos, I played with Jordan Macias, Keolu Ramos, Kaimana Bartolome, Joey Cantillo. I played with a lot of big names.” — Jocelyn Alo

Jocelyn Alo was outstanding in the College Softball World Series.

Her team (Oklahoma) won back-to-back national championships. She was a huge part of those championships. She was the Softball Collegiate Player of the Year two years in a row — 2021 and 2022.

She was one of four nominees for Best Record Breaking Performance (2022 ESPY).

Jocelyn Alo’s 122 homers in college softball (in 267 games) demolished Lauren Chamberlain’s all-time home run record (95).

Jocelyn Alo’s swing is awesome.

Jocelyn Alo’s swing is elite because she can hit for high batting average and hit for slugging power. Her swing was compared to several MLB stars (Ohtani, Trout, and Betts). My view is the best comparison is with Rafael Devers, who plays third base for the Red Sox. Rafael Devers’ .327 batting average and .606 slugging percentage each ranked third in the Majors. The following table compared their swings in several ways.

Swings from 2021 and 2022.

“I feel like my swing looks different every year.” — Jocelyn Alo

Jocelyn Alo played in Hawaii.

Jocelyn Alo has Hawaiian and Samoan ancestry. She is from Hau’ula, Hawaii. Starting at age 4, she and her father would practice batting. Twice each day she would swing the bat 500 times, for a total of 1000 swings a day.

When she was 7 or 8 years old, she and her family (father Levi, mother Andrea and three sisters, Sabrina, Lorraine and Sophia) moved to Kaneohe, Hawaii.

When she was 13 and 14 years old, she played with two traveling teams - the So Cal Pumas and Batbusters.

“Honestly, it feels really good. Every time I go on the field, I remember where I’m from and the things I represent, so I always carry a piece of Hawaii with me whenever I am playing.” — Jocelyn Alo

Her future is bright.

She was selected the number 1 overall pick in Women’s Professional Fastpitch League draft.


Jocelyn would shine playing DH with the Diamondbacks. She has experience playing with the guys, she has excelled at the top level of her sport, and she has an awesome swing. In several ways, her swing is similar to Rafael Devers, who excels in batting average and slugging in MLB.

I am especially pleased that she grew up in Hawaii. Full disclosure: I live in Hawaii and may exhibit favorable bias exceeding my usual optimism towards baseball players who have lived in Hawaii, especially those as outstanding as Jocelyn Alo.