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Snake Bytes, 7/13: Unlucky for some

The D-backs suffered their worst loss to the Giants in over 15 years.

Arizona Diamondbacks v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Diamondbacks News

Arizona 0, San Francisco 13

Not much recap needed when the opposition drops a baker’s dozen on the team.

Keuchel Tosses Batting Practice for Giants

Carson Kelly pitched in relief. He allowed three runs on three hits and a walk and wasn’t even the worst pitcher of the night for the Snakes.

Giants Ground Worms Under Foot

Somehow I doubt this is Keuchel’s last start for the Diamondbacks.

Other Baseball News

Minasian Sees Path to Success Around Trout, Ohtani

Despite having two of the best players of the last 20+ years on the team, the Angels are once again speeding towards irrelevancy. And we complain about things here in the desert.

MLB’s Most Productive Jersey Numbers

Derek Jeter helps lead the way for #2 to take the cake.

‘Pie Slice’ Infield Shift Rule to Be Tested in Class A FSL

The office of the Commissioner is filled with smart people. You would never know it with some of the inane things that continue to come from that space though.

Orioles Win Ninth Straight

Why couldn’t the birds from Camden go on a streak like this last year instead?