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Snake Bytes 7/1: Happy Bobby Bonilla Day!

Between Booker’s contract extension and Kevin Durant wanting to come to Phoenix, not a whole lot of Diamondbacks articles to post today...

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Bobby Bonilla waits on deck, not knowing one day he’d become the symbol of the economic stupidity that was the Wilpon era Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

I was going to Photoshop Kevin Durant into a Diamondbacks jersey, until I remembered I didn’t know how to do that...

Diamondbacks News

(ABC15) Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks and souvenirs and... Diamondbacks named most affordable

It’s cool that the Diamondbacks keep ranking at the top of this list, but it also scares me that they do, because the release of this list is also the only time of year I associate the word “affordable” to going to a Diamondbacks game...

I also am very confused by a quote in this article that claims its cheaper to go to a Diamondbacks game than a movie?? I don’t know where they are going to see their movies, but I can go for a total of about $30 bucks per person (assuming everyone gets their own drink and popcorn), and that barely gets me through the door of a Diamondbacks game.

(AzCentral) Amid struggles, Arizona Diamondbacks focused on Geraldo Perdomo’s development

For the Diamondbacks, mixing off-day developmental work and game repetitions is the balance in developing young players like Perdomo. The path that center fielder Alek Thomas has taken — stepping into the major-league lineup and immediately becoming one of the team’s most productive players — is abnormal. Far more common is the trajectory travelled by Perdomo, who now has a .587 OPS. Peaks and valleys.

MLB News

(CBS Sports) Nationals burned by quirky ‘fourth-out rule’ as Pirates score despite lining into inning-ending double play

You never know what you’re going to see at the ballpark on any given day, and Wednesday afternoon the rare “fourth-out rule” came into play in the series finale between the Washington Nationals and Pittsburgh Pirates at Nationals Park (GameTracker).

The scene: Pittsburgh had runners at second (Hoy Jun Park) and third (Jack Suwinski) with one out in the fifth inning when Ke’Bryan Hayes hit a soft line drive at first baseman Josh Bell. Park and Suwinski both went on contact, Bell made the catch, then threw to third so the tag could be applied to Park, who did not tag up at second.

(ESPN) MLB All-Star voting: Aaron Judge, Ronald Acuna Jr. earn starts as finalists named

In an attempt to make the All Star Game even more irrelevant. the League has changed up how voting works to make things more “exciting.” I guess there are now phases of voting, where the first phase is a free for all, then phase two is the top two vote getters for each position, but the top overall get to skip phase two and go straight to the starting lineup, so congrats to Judge and Acuna, I guess.

(The Athletic) Paul Goldschmidt: Man, machine, MVP? ‘This guy’s a robot’

“Former Cardinal Matt Carpenter recalls Goldschmidt taking every bat he planned to use for the season, 50 or 60 perhaps, and measuring the exit velocity off each one. A team employee developed a chart to show him which bats produced the best results. Goldschmidt then divided the bats according to the quality of wood, separating ones he would use in batting practice from ones he would use in games.

“Paul is not superstitious,” Carpenter says. “He was just going to figure out, ‘Let me give myself the best chance every time I step in there with this bat. If this bat is truly harder than the other ones, then why not use it?’”’

What’s great about Paul Goldschmidt’s late career outburst he is currently going through, is there is a lot more coverage of a fascinating player whose work ethic is comparable to none, IMO.

(Yahoo! Sports) When do the Tigers and Royals have to admit that ‘rebuilding’ has turned into plain old losing?

The assumption, based on those Cubs and Astros teams, was that enough losing would refuel the engines of winning soon enough. And the fans would feel connected to the players they had followed from the start.

What if the winning doesn’t come, though?