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D-backs 9, Rockies 3: Patriotic Spirits up in the Pines

Fun times over a 4th of July Weekend

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Win time!!!!
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Hello fellow Pitters and Brutes!

A very Murica weekend to you all!

Up here in the pines of northern AZ entertaining some friends, so my attention will be divided, but I’m confident I’ll be entertaining.

Inning 1:

Well, we’re at a wine bar and my buddy Matthew refuses to contribute to this article. Just as I type that Rojas leads us off with a double and Alek drives him in with a triple. Folks, this may be a multi wine night. 1-0 Dbacks

CWalk makes it a 2-0 game with a single and we exit the top of the 1st very much in charge.
Crickets from the Rocks in the 1st as we close our tab from this wine heaven.

Inning 2:

Ok, we left, we shopped for grill stuff and returned. With that in mind I’ve missed quite a bit, but Carson Kelly keeps the hammer on with a homer while we shop (though his BA is still meh) making it 3-0 Dbacks

Luckily I didn't miss much in the bottom of the 2nd....

Inning 3:

Nor in the top of the 3rd....

Nor in the bottom of the 3rd....

Inning 4:

Nor in the top of the 4th...

Or bottom of the 4th...

Inning 5:

Still nothing in the top of the 5th, but Kelly’s relatively excellent night gets a slight dent in the bottom of the frame as the Rocks finally get a run back in the midst of a double play. That’s all though and our lead is still very much there going in to the 6th up 3-1.

Inning 6:

It’s Colorado folks, and that means HR’s. HR’s in the fashion that Oprah’s giving them away, or at the very least some or both teams are driving in runs. So with that in mind Peralta adds to our comfy lead with a 1 our HR and our lead is back to 3: 4-1 Dbacks

Kelly continues yet another solid outing with a 1-2-3 of the Rocks in the 6th, thus allowing only 4 hits and 1 run through 6 in a park that’s normally quite cruel.

Inning 7:

Alek Thomas (who is fast becoming a favorite of mine) makes it a 6-1 Dbacks lead with a 2run bomb. God I love this game.

Has championship fever (or hangover) hit Denver after the Av’s Stanley Cup Win? Certainly feels like a hangover to me even with McMahon clawing back a run with a solo shot in the bottom of the frame.

Besides that it sure seems like the continuous partying with the Av’s taken it’s toll.

Inning 8:

More padding for our lead here in the 8th: CWalk walk, Peralta double and Varsho single makes it a 8-2 game

Kelly’s stellar night comes to an end as Poppen comes in relief. He gives up a pitty point of sorts allowing a Blackmon solo shot, but that’s all. 8-3 Dbacks

Inning 9:

LOL. More runs for the Sneks. A wild pitch brings Rojas home and our silly lead gets sillier to 9-3. Yay Friday!

Well, considering that I was entertaining this game was quite perfect. Thanks Dbacks!

Back to entertaining/grilling!

Bells and whistles, by Jim

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...- . .-. -.-- / --. --- --- -..: Merrill Kelly, +28.7%
-.. . -.-. . -. -: Alek Thomas, +15.2%
-. --- - / --. .-. . .- -: Ketel Marre, -7.5%

Much as I’m tempted to do the rest of the recap in Morse Code... Yeah, I’ve got other things to be doing on a Friday night! As, I suspect most people have, especially with a long weekend likely beckoning for all you traitorous colonists. :) Quite surprised there were as many comments in the Gameday Thread as there were: almost two hundred. Just the one red, from what I can see, belonging to Michael:

Seven innings in Coors Field, allowing one earned run, is certainly nothing to complain about. It gives Kelly four of the last five wins by Diamondbacks starters, and drops his season ERA to 3.46; could be the lowest on the team by this time next week. We’ll see tomorrow (or, if necessary Sunday) if Arizona can win their first road series since taking three of four from the Cubs in Chicago, May 19-22. Dallas Keuchel makes his second start for the D-backs so... yeah, I’m thinking it’s probably going to be Sunday! 6:10 pm Arizona time for the first pitch there.