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Game #58, Diamondbacks 7, Reds 0

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the D’Backs are Scoring

Oh look. It’s raining in Ohio. AGAIN. Tried to take my dog out when I got home from work tonight. He refused to leave the house. Needless to say, I’ll be watching the sky very carefully tonight.

Today's Lineups

Cooper Hummel - LF Nick Senzel - CF
Josh Rojas - 3B Alejo Lopez - 2B
Ketel Marte - 2B Tommy Pham - LF
Christian Walker - 1B Joey Votto - 1B
Pavin Smith - DH Kyle Farmer - SS
Jordan Luplow - RF Albert Almora - DH
Alek Thomas - CF TJ Friedl - RF
Jake Hager - SS Matt Reynolds - 3B
Jose Herrera - C Aramis Garcia - C
Merrill Kelly - RHP Mike Minor - LHP



OMG. Hummel got a hit! And Rojas took a walk on Minor’s inability to find the zone. I’ll take it. Despite Minor’s obvious control issues here, Marte went out aggressive and he popped out to right field. Walker then grounded out to third, at least moving up the runners. Aaaaaaand Pavin Smith flew out to right.


Friedl grounded out to first, a very close fair/foul call that went Arizona’s way. And Lopez immediately singled to right/center. Could’ve been worse, it almost got past Luplow. During Pham’s ab, Kelly fell down on the mound, balking Lopez to second. Pham got greedy and “checked” a swing on a high 95mph heater to strike out. Who says height is important?! Alek Thomas with a phenomenal over-the-wall catch to rob Votto of a home run and end the inning! 0-0 TIE



Luplow struck out (not sure if he went too far, or Angel Hernandez thought the batter’s box was the plate). Thomas quickly flew out to left. Hager then broke his bat and popped out to first.


Kelly lost Farmer to begin the inning. Almora flew out to Thomas though. Reynolds then grounded out to SS, Hager starting a good double play! 0-0 TIE



Herrera grounded out to third. A thoroughly uncompetitive at bat. Hummel struck out just like Luplow last inning. Then Rojas grounded to first, ending the inning.


Potty break for the puppers so missed this half inning trying to convince a dog it is in fact ok to pee in the rain... Apparently Aquino stuck out swinging, Garcia grounded to Marte and Friedl grounded to pitcher. 0-0 TIE



Marte got hit by a pitch after a long at bat. CHRISTIAN WALKER WITH A HOMER! Smith struck out swinging. As did Luplow... But Thomas walked on another long at bat! Hager broke ANOTHER bat during his at bat. Thomas then stole second and the throw was baaaaad, so Alek took third. Then Hager walked. But Herrera couldn’t continue the rally, grounding out to short, ending the inning.


Lopez flew out to Thomas. Pham earned an Angel Hernandez walk... And Thomas with the great DIVING catch to rob Votto of a hit! Farmer then grounded out to short. 2-0 ARIZONA



Hummel lined out to left. Then ROJAS WITH A LINEDRIVE HOMERUN TO RIGHT! Which chases Minor; Luis Cessa now on the mound. Marte grounded out to short and Walker (who apparently now has 15 HR and 16 singles for the season...) flew out to right.


Almora immediately lined a ball back to Kelly, who made a good play and got him with plenty of time to spare. Reynolds walked, then took second on a wild pitch. But Aquino struck out swinging. Then Garcia grounded out to third. 3-0 ARIZONA



Smith looked at “strike three” according to Hernandez. LUPLOW WITH A SOLO HOMER! Thomas then lined a single the opposite way to left. Hager then struck out swinging (but no broken bat this time!). HERRERA WITH THE LINER DOUBLE DOWN THE LINE SCORING THOMAS! This chases Cessa, in comes Art Warren. Hummel struck out swinging though.


Friedl struck out. Then Lopez flew out to right. Pham also struck out! A quick easy inning. 5-0 ARIZONA



Rojas with a long flyball to left which Pham couldn’t snag, so Rojas ended up at third. Marte punched a single up the middle! ROJAS SCORES. Walker then watched strike three slide through on the outer edge. Smith also watched strike three as well, but this one was not in the zone... And Luplow popped up immediately to end the inning.


Poppen in to pitch. Votto FINALLY gets one to land in right/center. Smiles all around from Votto and Thomas. Farmer flew out to shallow right. Almora grounded out to third. Reynolds grounded out to second. 6-0 ARIZONA



Ross Detwiler in for Cincinnati. Thomas flew out to left. Hager with a single to left though. Herrera stuck out though. Hummel then struck out, earning all fans with a ticket a free personal pizza with one topping apparently. They were very excited.


Mantiply in for Arizona. Aquino grounded out to Marte. Garcia rolled one to right field, a single. Friedl fouled out to third! Lopez then took a HBP. Pham ended the threat with a lazy flyout to left! 6-0 ARIZONA



Hunter Strickland on to finish the game for Cinci. Rojas struck out. Marte hit a long single to center. Walker then laces one down the left field line for a double, Marte to third! Smith intentionally walked to load the bases for Luplow, who lined a ball directly at short for an out. Thomas then earned a walk and MARTE SCORED. Hager flew out to left though, ending the opportunity to really blow the game open.


Ian Kennedy out to finish the game for Arizona...Gulp. Perdomo replaces Hager at short, but Hager moves to another part of the infield, allowing the team to get rid of Marte’s glove. Votto struck out. Farmer flew out to right. Almora singled to center then “stole” second without a throw. Reynolds singled to left, but Almora couldn’t get beyond third. Reynolds then took second without a throw as well. Aquino strikes out! 7-0 FINAL


This game felt like a slog, personally. Perhaps that’s because it is nearly midnight and I’ve been sleepy since 6. But the game was good! Kelly wasn’t super sharp, but he did look more like his April self! The offense showed up, although once again mostly with home runs instead of building innings. Still nice to see runs scored in so many innings though (4, 5, 6, 7, and 9). And the bullpen was solid; little exciting, but not detrimentally so tonight. All-in-all, this was the best game we’ve played in nearly a week.


The website seems to believe the game is still in the bottom of the second. So perhaps I will edit tomorrow with a fancy graph and stuffs.

Comment of the Day

Goes to Michael McDermott for keepings us all aware of what’s happening down on the farm. Where Amarillo has once again received a good pitching performance! Pfaadt and Walston also doing well right now for anyone unaware.

What’s Next?

Weather permitting, there’s an early getaway game tomorrow: 9:35am Arizona time, Davies (2-3, 4.18 ERA) vs. Mahle (2-5, 5.43 ERA).