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PYW’s 2022: Week 9

Honestly a better turn out for the cosplay prompt than normal!

A woman’s soccer team stands in a downpour of blue streamers while their captain lifts a large cup style trophy over her head Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

This episode of PYW’s is brought to you by Dodger-b-gon! Is your MLB team being plauged by pesky Dodger nuisances? One does of Dodger-b-gon will keep you free of all LA based pests for up to September 2022! Ask your pest control agent about it today!

Last week, in honor of Phoenix Fan Fusion, I asked you to come up with a cosplay for an active Diamondback, as is tradition. Much better response than most years, which means you can all expect to see it again next season :-)

In third place, we find NikT77 with three recs!

Madison Bumgarner as Mason Saunders 3 recs

If I had to rank the Diamondbacks 26 man roster in order of most likely to ever go to a ComicCon, Bumgarner would for sure be the 26th person on the list. However, if someone kidnapped him and forced him to cosplay, that’s exactly what he would go as!

In second place, we have Jack Sommers with 4 recs!

Merrill Kelly as Cabin Boy, with the poster for the movie (which is a man sitting on a ship’s anchor) with Kelly’s face photoshopped over the actors face 4 recs

And finally, taking the top spot on our podium this week, we have MrRbi17!

Well, Ian Kennedy could dress as a major league pitcher 6 recs

Sometimes when I’m talking to my friends about cosplays, we come up with ideas that I really want to see. This is a cosplay I would give a lot to see at this point...


Players Recs
Players Recs
Diamondhacks 27
Jack Sommers 25
MrRbi17 14
NikT77 12
FatElvis04 8
Snake_Bitten 8
Xerostomia 8
chronicles_of_the_desert 7
Jim McLennan 5
LeftFieldCorNWer 6
AzRattler 4
FootstepsFalco16 4
gzimmerm 4
Justin27 3
Oldenschoole 3

It’s becoming clear that this half of PYW’s is going to come down right to the wire. Jack is now only two points behind Hacks, and don’t look now, but MrRbi has shot up to third in the standings, and Nik is right behind him. They have their work cut out of them, but it’s still entirely possible either of them, or really anyone in the top five, could mount a comeback and steal away one of the spots from Jack or Hacks...

This week, we’re going to go bigger picture than we normally do. Tanking has become a problem for pretty much every sport that has a draft at this point. I saw an article that I’m too lazy to find again about an NBA team already planning on tanking next season and the NBA finals aren’t even done yet! The Astros famously tanked for three straight seasons, then bucked tradition and drafted a trash can as the number one pick or something. Lots of stories that we all know. Come up with a penatly for tanking that will actually prevent teams from taking that route. Go!