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PYWs 2022: Week 12

Last chance to claim the top spot on the leaderboard!

A rugby team holds a giant plaque as they celebrate winning a rugby championship in France Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

This episode of PYW’s is brought to you by TBD. TBD is like duct tape... BUT BETTER! Put TBD on any hole in your starting rotation and voila! problem solved! Your seventeenth string pitcher went down after cutting his hand off with a staple gun? TBD! Your owner is too cheap to actually put together a starting rotation every single year? TBD! Available at a dollar store near you!

Welcome back! Last week, I asked you to come up with a better method for choosing the ASG starters. There was nearly unanimous agreement for who got the top spot, but lots of diverging opinions about lower down the podium. In third place, with 2 recs apiece, we find gzimmerm and Xerostomia with 2 recs each!

A gif of Doc Holliday in Tombstone saying the famous line “I know! Lets have a spelling contest!” -gzimmerm
Money talks. The top 3 players at every position (fWar-bWar average) + top 5 pitchers each league by June 15 are on the ballot (if player agrees). No one else. Fans have 2 weeks to vote for starters. The rest of the players are picked as they currently are (coaches etc). Every player on the winning team gets $5 million, loser gets $1 million. Winning league gets extra 3 home games (1 series) in interdivision play. (That should incentivize the owners some). + SHOW ME THE MONEY gif

Honestly, I personally think a nationally televised spelling would be an incredible way to choose the starters, but that’s just me...

In second place, we find SpencerSpice with 3 recs!

Alt text because its too long to fit in the dialouge box

Easy: players play based on simple new rules (your normal position doesn’t matter, afterall utility is the most important thing right?)

1B - player in the league with the most singles

2B - ditto doubles

3B - ditto triples

SS - shortest player in the league

OF - player with the highest WAR, player with the lowest WAR, player who is exactly in the middle of league WAR (the outliers)

C - player who caught the most baseballs in play (pop outs, put outs, grounders, etc)

P - let the opposite league players vote on the staff they will face (3 total, 3 innings a piece, ties ok)

No reserves. Coaches/managers sub in if necessary

And finally, in first place, running away with the competition this week... NikT77 with 8 recs!

Ok so make all the fan votes still count so as to get enough players to the ASG. HOWEVER, once there, starters will be determined for each position by a potato sack race from foul pole to foul pole. This of course will occur DURING the HR Derby just to give another element of danger from errant line drives.

Are the Boys and Girls Clubs kids still trying the catch the fly balls while this is going on? Because that could lead to some A+ comedy, watching the stars of the game choose between bulldozing a kid and taking a line drive to the ribs...


Players Recs
Players Recs
Jack Sommers 30
Diamondhacks 27
NikT77 24
MrRbi17 14
FatElvis04 12
Xerostomia 11
Snake_Bitten 8
chronicles_of_the_desert 7
Jim McLennan 5
gzimmerm 6
LeftFieldCorNWer 6
AzRattler 4
FootstepsFalco16 4
SpencerSpice 4
Oldenschoole 4
Justin27 3

Well well well, with just one week left to go in the season, things just got interesting! NikT’s strong performance in Week 11 puts him within just six points of Jack in first place. Who will take that first finalist position? Guess we need a prompt to find out...

This week, after a bit of a delay but to much social media fanfare, the Caesar’s Sports Book opened up at the former Game Sliders Grill. A huge part of the draw of this new source of income for Ken Kendrick to not increase payroll with is that Guy Fieri opened up his first physical restaurant in the Phoenix Area, Guy Fieri’s DTPHX Kitchen + Bar. You’re challenge this week is to come up with an OFF THE CHAIN signature dish for the new restaurant that will take everyone straight to FLAVORTOWN! GO!