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Game #72, Tigers 5 @ Diamondbacks 1

It’s the hope that kills you

Good advice for all of us.

The beginning of a series! This is a treat for me! I generally only get the day games on Wednesdays when the teams are trying to get out of whatever city they are in as quickly as possible. Normally I am looking at a pre-written series story, but tonight I get to review the start of a series story! And against a team like the Tigers no less!

They have some unbelievable talent in the lineup between Miguel Cabrera’s career, Spencer Torkleson’s potential but early struggles and Riley Greene’s recent MLB debut (only 5 games thus far, but he’s hitting .375)! In the future their rotation could be quite the monster as well. I actually chose Detroit as my most surprising team in 2022 for this Round Table because of their injury-riddled rotation.

Hopefully our own young guns can make the replacement arms they have working this weekend feel the Baby ‘Backs’ bite! Thomas, Perdomo and Varsho will all be on the national stage tonight since it’s an AppleTV only broadcast. Against a rotation full of ERA’s north of 4, maybe they can right their ships and make some noise!

....I really need to learn my lesson about writing my intros before the game starts. It hasn’t been going well for the team. I refuse to give up my optimism though! Someday I’ll be right again!


Today's Lineups

Victor Reyes - RF Daulton Varsho - RF
Riley Greene - CF Alek Thomas - CF
Javier Baez - SS Ketel Marte - DH
Miguel Cabrera - DH Christian Walker - 1B
Robbie Grossman - LF David Peralta - LF
Spencer Torkelson - 1B Josh Rojas - 3B
Jeimer Candelario - 3B Carson Kelly - C
Jonathan Schoop - 2B Jake Hager - 2B
Eric Haase - C Geraldo Perdomo - SS
Rony Garcia - RHP Merrill Kelly - RHP



A nice strikeout of Reyes to start the game. Greene then flew out to Peralta who had to make a nice sliding grab to corral it. Two handed, he used BOTH hands! I love Peralta. Baez then grounded out to third. Rojas made a good play on a basic play (maybe he also knows how poor his defense was on Wednesday).


Varsho took one off the foot to get on base. Thomas had a good chance on a blooper to left, but Grossman made a nice sliding catch of his own (one handed - show off and bad fundamentals). Marte drew a walk from Garcia who is rather wild thus far. Walker then grounded into a double play, ending the inning. 0-0 TIE



Cabrera stuck out looking on a borderline pitch. Interesting to see Kelly get the call despite Miggy’s status as a first ballot HOFer. Age can be hard folks. Grossman then walked. Torkleson then smoked a ball to short that Perdomo couldn’t handle fully, but he did keep it in the infield. Candelario grounded to second, but Hager and Perdomo were only able to get Tork at second. Schoop grounded out to short, ending the inning.


Peralta grounded out to short. Rojas dribbled one to first, but Tork slipped, resulting in a hit. Kelly grounded to short, but Detroit couldn’t get to second, so Rojas was safe but they did retire Kelly at first (he booked it though; far closer play than it had any right to be). Hager then grounded out to short, ending the threat. 0-0 TIE



Haase singled to short, where Perdomo made a nice diving stop, but couldn’t get the ball to Walker in time. Reyes then punched one past Walker for his own single. Greene laced a single to Varsho, but it hung long enough that nobody scored. Bases still loaded for the heart of the Detroit order though. Baez hit a grand slam... Cabrera stuck out at least. Grossman then popped out to second. Tork grounded out to second, but the damage was done.


Perdomo struck out on three pitches. Varsho grounded out to third. Thomas then struck out. Garcia looked dominate. 4-0 DETROIT



Candelario singled to left. Schoop then flew out to center. Haase hit a long out to center. It was a little nerve-racking, but Thomas has our backs. Reyes grounded out to second.


Marte watched strike three on the corner. Walker singled to right/center. Peralta mirrored that and Walker took third on some lazy defense. Rojas flew out to center, but Green’s throw to the plate was off target, so WALKER SCORED! Kelly popped out to short left field, and it almost fell in with three Tigers trying to get it, but one of them got it, ending the inning. 4-1 DETROIT



Greene flew out to left. Baez grounded out to third. Miggy then grounded out to third as well.


Hager somehow got a ball deep into center, but Green was there. Perdomo flew out to left. Varsho then also flew out to left. 4-1 DETROIT



Grossman flew out to left. Tork struck out looking and he had a point, but the ump disagreed. Candelario singled to left. Schoop struck out swinging.


Thomas lined to first for an out. Marte walked and that ended Garcia’s day. Lange on the mound now. Walked on 4 pitches. Peralta struck out swinging. Rojas then swung at the first pitch and ended the rally... 4-1 DETROIT



Kyle Nelson on the mound in “desert gold” now. Haase struck out swinging. Reyes flew out to deep left. Greene grounded out to second. Nice easy inning.


Fulmer out of the pen for Detroit. Kelly flew out to left. Hager then walked. Perdomo struck out looking. Varsho then flew out to center on the first pitch. 4-1 DETROIT



Poppen out for us now. He quickly struck Baez out. Miggy then singled to left. Castro running for Cabrera. Grossman lined a double along the third base line, scoring Castro. Tork grounded out to short. Candelario then struck out.


Chafin in for Detroit. Thomas grounded out to second. Marte grounded to third. And Walker popped out to right. 5-1 DETROIT



Wendelken on for us. Schoop flew out to center. Haase grounded out to short. Reyes struck out swinging.


Gregory Soto in to close the game in a non-save situation. Buddy Kennedy batting for Peralta, but he struck out looking on a low strike three. Luplow batting for Rojas now. He flew out to right. And Kelly struck out swinging to end the game. 5-1 DETROIT - FINAL


This was a rough game. Kelly wasn’t super sharp, but really only made a single horrible mistake and Baez made him pay; it’s why Detroit paid so much for him. But the offense, once again, was absolutely useless. It’s not looking good and something needs to give soon, one way or another. Whether that’s a prospect or two replacing mainstays or an early trade, I don’t know, but as a fan, what I do know is that this offense isn’t going to come anywhere near a .500 ballclub, regardless of how good the pitching can be.


Comment of the Day

So my comment about puppy cuddles was the most rec’d today. Normally I wouldn’t put a comment of the day since it’s mine, but it’s about puppies! Who can be angry about that?

As an extra bonus, here is a picture of the good boy on our way too the park earlier this evening. As I am typing, he’s snoozing and snoring next to me, thoroughly tuckered out from the park, brewery, and fireworks.

This is Scout (AKA StopLickingThat). He’s a good boy and he loves the park more than Diamondbacks games.

Up Next

Same teams will face off tomorrow at 7:10pm Arizona Time. Looks to be Alex Faedo (1-4 4.67 ERA in 44.1IP) versus Zach Davies (2-4 3.96 ERA in 75.0IP).