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Post Father’s Day Beercap: D-backs 1, Padres 4


MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Philadelphia Phillies
At least his sliding catch looked super cool
Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

Record: 32-37. Pace: 75-87. Change on 2021: +12

Father’s Day weekend has come and gone and despite some father induced drama, which caused me to miss my Saturday recap, all is well once more in the Turambar household.

Though I love my father very much, a long weekend fully immersed in his legendary presence can be quite draining, and I’m happy to be chilling back at the house once more.

With that in mind let us all raise a glass to our dads once more and tune in to another Dbacks outing.

Inning 1:

  • A fan like me could get used to an opening inning like this one: 30+ Darvish pitches, a walk issued, a Snek plunked and a early lead off a sack fly. We were pretty damn close to a chef’s kiss of an inning if our Buddy Kennedy had gotten his second grand salami in as many days. It was not meant to be though, but at least we got a player now with a hyper stereotypical sports name. If I’m being honest though Beddy Kennedy specifically sounds like a Nascar driver,
  • Davies looks good through the first two Padres, but Cronenworth’s bomb deep to right ties us up at 1 apiece in this young game. That's all the Friars can muster, and with a solid 12pitch inning from Davies I can’t complain.

Inning 2:

  • New inning = New Darvish. 1-2-3 go the Dbacks started by a popup by the struggled CKelly and ended by a popup from Varsho.
  • Davies is no longer sterling in my eyes; looking hittable and being hit by Padres bats. A double, a walk and a single to drive em in and suddenly the Padres have a respectable 3-1 lead.

Inning 3:

  • Alek starts things off for the Sneks with a double in to center, extending his hit streak to 12games and further confirm that he’s the chosen one. On a side note, the Bally Sports app is a hot mess. I’ll soldier on though.

Walker gets aboard soon after thanks to Darvish’s second plunk of the young night, but both he and Alek are left stranded.....sigh.....damn Bally Sports app

  • No dice for the Padres in the bottom of the 3rd. Davies still looks slightly hittable (as my Bally app crashes again), but no runs allowed is always good by me. 1-3 Padres going in to the 4th.

Inning 4:

  • Bleh. That’s all that needs to be said about the top of the 4th, and that same sentiment also applies to Bally Sports app. The glitched out give that keeps on giving folks.
  • Solid Davies is solid in the 4th, though with 74 pitches you gotta wonder how long his leash is right now....

1-3 Padres going in to the 5th.

Inning 5:

  • The guys in the booth just game us Pitters a shoutout prior to Rojas striking out to end the top of the 5th. Always nice to get some love, and perhaps one day the proud members of the Brute Squad will also know this sort of day.....
  • Another solo shot allowed by Davies, this time to Grisham, making my live bet on the Dbacks seems far more questionable than it already was. 1-4 Padres going in to the 6th.

Inning 6:

  • We get a hit at least, but still no other action to help salvage my ill advised bet. Bleh.
  • 6 innings in the books for Davies after a stellar inning, but we still need some runs. 1-4 Padres

Inning 7 :

  • So looking forward to the shift being gone next year, but in fairness to Darvish our struggles are less about the shift and more about him recovering quite well from a rocky 1st. Hats off to you good sir.
  • Nelson’s in to relieve the solid Davies, who honestly would have had a more notable night if he had any kind of backup from the bats at all.

Inning 8:

  • Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Still nada for our bats in the 8th. Bet is pretty much toast at this time, but at least the Bally Sports app finally started to behave.
  • Wendelken comes in for Nelson here in the 8th and like Nelson before him he does a solid job against this dangerous Padre line. All feels like it’s for naught though....1-4 Padres going in to the 9th.

Inning 9:

  • Whelp, bet lost. Started out well, but could do no further damage outside the run in the 1st.

Night folks.

Bells and whistles, by Jim

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Jaws:Alek Thomas, +9.4%
Jaws: The Revenge: Zach Davis, -21.9%
Orca, Killer Whale: Buddy Kennedy, -12.7%

Thanks to Turambar for recapping this one, in particular so that I didn’t have to. We enjoyed two episodes of Animal Kingdom followed by American Ninja Warrior instead, so I think we got the better of the deal. Sorry again for adding Davies to my fantasy team, so clearly precipitating this meltdown. It ended up being closer to Sharknado 3 than Jaws. Jack’s holiday comment was the only one to turn red, and since I am NOT in Del Mar, I am unilaterally disqualifying it from competition. :) We will, instead, move on to tomorrow night’s game back at Petco, where Zac Gallen starts for the Diamondbacks. It’ll be another 6:40 pm first pitch, Arizona time.