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PYW’s 2022: Week 11

The penultimate prompt!

A trophy presented to Miguel Cabrara in acknowledgement of his 3000th hit. It appears to be made out of crystal, in the shape of cell phone reception bars with the numbers 3, 0, 0, and 0 on top of each bar, with the detroit tigers logo etched into the crystal cell phone bars. Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Welcome back! Last week, I said some mildly mean things about Rob Manfred, and then asked you to come up with rule changes that were better than his. As always, a lot of great thoughts from you all about the state of baseball and how to improve it. Frankly, I think the PYW’s comment section should be the new rule change committee, but for some reason, instead of thanking me for my help, Manfred blocked my number. Rude. Anyway! As I was saying, despite the great suggestions, there was only one red comment this week, so light on the rec totals once again. In third place, we find, oh, imagine that, Jack Sommers :-)

I tried to think of something clever, but truth is, its’ been done before, by these guys (followed by a gif from Baseketball) 2 recs

Okay, but I’d watch that if they made it a real sport...

In second place, we find NikT77 with 3 recs!

Since they’re having a hard time drumming up the offensive numbers that they’d like without making it too obvious, I say we go obvious. Pitchers throw underhanded slow pitch style. 3 recs

See Manfred, these are the high quality ideas that you miss out on when you don’t take my calls! Imagine! 9-0 before the first out of the first inning is recorded! Heck, maybe even 9-0 before the tenth pitch is thrown! I’d be glorious chaos!

And taking first place on our podium this week is... FatElvis04!

Flip a coin at the beginning of each inning to determine what direction runners are supposed to go around the bases that inning 4 recs

Okay THIS is glorious chaos. Imagine, Mike Trout laces a double down the line, but is thrown out after forgetting if he was supposed to run to the right hand first base or the left hand first base. They’re’d be rioting in the streets!


Players Recs
Players Recs
Jack Sommers 30
Diamondhacks 27
NikT77 16
MrRbi17 14
FatElvis04 12
Snake_Bitten 8
Xerostomia 9
chronicles_of_the_desert 7
Jim McLennan 5
LeftFieldCorNWer 6
AzRattler 4
FootstepsFalco16 4
gzimmerm 4
Oldenschoole 4
Justin27 3
SpencerSpice 1

With his third place finish this week, Jack becomes the first player this season to break 30 recs, and FatElvis04 becomes the fifth to make double digits, so congrats to them! It also stretches Jack’s lead over Hacks to three points with just two weeks worth of prompts to go. The field is valiantly trying to keep up, but despite his second place finish, NikT77 remains 14 points behind the lead.

Recently, All Star voting started for this season. If you didn’t notice, well, you’re a Diamondbacks fan, so that makes sense. They’re doing their normal fan-vote nonsense which always sends the best options to the ASG /sarcasm. This week, I want you to come up with a better methodology for choosing the All Star Starters. Remember, serious suggestions need not apply :-) And as I said, only two prompts remain, so make it count. Go!