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Game #65, Reds 4 @ Diamondbacks 7

4 HBP through 8 batters, but Gallen and the D’Backs battle to avoid the sweep!

Not from today, but a good representation of how the Reds must’ve felt

It’s another potential Wednesday sweep, and not the good kind... Ironically after last night, this game should be a pitcher’s duel: Gallen vs. Castillo. So naturally it’s going to be an 11-10 final isn’t it? Only time will tell! (or you could read the headline, but where’s the fun in that?)

Today's Lineups

Jonathan India - 2B Daulton Varsho - RF
Brandon Drury - 3B Josh Rojas - 3B
Matt Reynolds - SS Ketel Marte - 2B
Joey Votto - DH Christian Walker - 1B
Mike Moustakas - 1B David Peralta - LF
Nick Senzel - CF Pavin Smith - DH
Albert Almora - LF Alek Thomas - CF
TJ Friedl - RF Geraldo Perdomo - SS
Aramis Garcia - C Jose Herrera - C
Luis Castillo - RHP Zac Gallen - RHP



Alright. The Columbus AEP (power company) has had issues with the Phoenix-like temperatures this week, so I missed the first batter while getting a friend and his dog settled into the house. But it looks like India struck out swinging before Drury was hit by a pitch (very, very gently on the bill of the helmet...). Reynolds then lined out to Varsho before Votto took one off the hand. Gallen not looking super sharp so far. Thankfully Moustakas grounded out to short, ending the inning. Not the start I wanted, but its clean(ish).


Varsho immediately grounded to second, but India fumbled the ball, allowing Daulton onto first with an error. Rojas bunted him to second in a surprisingly close play! After a great battle of an at bat for Marte, he lined out to right, but Varsho tagged and made it to third. I really do love Varsho. And Walker grounded out to short to end the inning, no damage done. 0-0 TIE



Gallen hits Senzel with a pitch... Senzel is not happy (it was a scary hand hit, he’s had plenty of injury issues in his career, and he was Gallen’s THIRD hit batter in 1+ innings). No fight or anything though. Gallen is probably lucky he doesn’t have to bat anymore. Almora singled to center after striking out. The ump (Nick Mahrley) incorrectly called a foul tip on a third strike swing and miss. Even more unfortunately, Gallen let it get in his head and threw away a pick off attempt, allowing Senzel to score, but a TOOTBLAN on Almora’s part eliminated the runner. GALLEN HIT ANOTHER BATTER! Friedl took first on the HBP. Garcia flew out to right. Oh boy. India placed a great ball down the third base line that got past Rojas, and the relay was not good from Perdomo, allowing Friedl to score, and India to advance to third... The Drury we all know and love showed up, striking out looking to end the inning.

Gallen made Diamondbacks history with 4 HBP in a game...! The MLB record is 5...


Peralta makes up for his lackluster defense with a double to deep center. Smith struck out swinging before Thomas hit a double to left, SCORING PERALTA. THEN PERDOMO HIT A TWO-RUN HOMERUN! Herrera then grounded out to second and Varsho flew out to center, 3-2 ARIZONA



Reynolds grounded out to third. Votto then grounded to first on a close call; Walker got him out. Moose then flew out to Peralta.


Rojas lined out to center, Marte grounded out to second, and Walker struck out swinging. Quick(ish) easy innings for both starters. 3-2 ARIZONA



Senzel grounded out to Perdomo, as did Almora. He’s getting all the chances to make up for the relay error. Friedl ended the inning by attempting to bunt with two strikes; it went foul and everybody switched places. A seven-pitch inning that may have just saved Gallen’s overall pitching line.


Peralta quickly grounded out to first. Smith grounded out to short and had a chance to beat the play, but couldn’t do it. Thomas then struck out swinging. 3-2 ARIZONA



Garcia flew out to Thomas in deep center. Rojas then made a nice play on a fast rolling grounder to third retiring India at first. Drury then lined a ball to the gap between short and third, but Rojas made a diving catch, ending another 1-2-3 inning for Gallen.


Perdomo grounded out to Moose at first. Herrera walked in a very nice at bat. Varsho then laced a lovely double into the right field corner. Unfortunately Herrera was in front of him, so there’s no way to know if it could’ve been a triple. Rojas poorly chose to swing at the first pitch, grounding to Moose at first who threw home and getting Herrera (who really shouldn’t have been running; I’m calling TOOTBLAN). Varsho couldn’t advance. Doesn’t matter though, Marte walked to load the bases for Walker! Who promptly popped out to shallow right ending the threat. 3-2 ARIZONA



Reynolds stuck out “swinging.” Votto then grounded out to first. And Moose struck out swinging! Another spotless inning!


Peralta struck out swinging. Smith then popped out to third near the mound. Thomas grounded to first and ended up in a foot race with Castillo to the bag, but lost. 3-2 ARIZONA



Senzel grounded out to third. Then Almora lazily flied out to center (Thomas looks better and more comfortable in the field each day). Friedl popped out to Herrera behind the plate. Gallen through 7 and likely done. Unbelievable given his 2nd!


Perdomo struck out looking, but made a good show of the final pitch trying to steal a walk. Herrera also struck out looking, although it was a much closer take. And Varsho grounded out to first. 3-2 ARIZONA



Noe Ramirez in for Gallen. Garcia popped out to Perdomo. India popped out to Walker. Drury then homered to tie the game... Reynolds did strike out swinging, but the damage was done.


Art Warren in for the Red Stockings. Rojas greeted him with a single to left. Marte followed that up with a single to right/center! Walker then popped out to India in short right, advancing no one. Peralta blooped one to right, Rojas ran through the stop sign and was....SAFE! Pavin Smith might not be worth a whole lot at bat, but Marte and Peralta stole second and third while he stood in the box! Smith then grounded to India, playing WAY in and MARTE SCORED REGARDLESS! Someone named SanMartin in for Cincinnati. He got Thomas to foul out to left. PERDOMO WITH A SINGLE UP THE MIDDLE SCORING PERALTA! Smith made it to third! Then a BALK, SMITH SCORES! Perdomo jumped for second and threw the pitcher off! Herrera grounded out to short to end the inning, but damage done! 7-3 ARIZONA



Melancon in to pitch. Votto singled to right and took second on a wild pitch. Moose grounded to first, but Walker couldn’t handle it, so Votto scored. Senzel flew out to center. Almora then lined to third! And Friedly flew out to left, ending the game! 7-4 FINAL




This was an interesting one. For half the game, it was definitely a pitchers duel. Both teams did damage before that though. And the bullpens were less than stellar. The offenses looked tired, which isn’t surprising considering the late game last night. But even Melancon held on to a non-save situation to seal the deal!


Comment of the Day

246 total comments at time of writing! None went Sedona red though. Plenty with two recs. None stand out, so I’m going to keep the space empty here. Feels right all things considered.

Up Next

After an off day tomorrow, Minnesota comes to town for the weekend series. Looks like Friday will be Bumgarner versus Smeltzer at 6:40pm Arizona Time.