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Meme Monday 5/9: The Winning Hand

D-backs starters continue to dominate

Let’s face it. Diamondbacks starting pitching is scorching right now. Super hot. Although the team is in last in the NL West (The best division in MLB at present), the starters are on FIRE! Speaking of fire, we had the MadBum/Bellino situation last week which erupted into a major controversy in not just baseball, but also in all of the American sports world. Bellino has since apologized for not buying MadBum a drink before, you know, holding him gently. I’ve seen the gameday threads since where posters are seemingly excited for this edition of Meme Monday, so put your memes where your fingers are and share something for Ahmed’s sake!

Found Memes:

That Philly look - Bryce was supposed to bring you a championship
Reds fans have gone MAD

My Memes: