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PYW’s 2022: Week 5

Modern problems require modern milestones! Or something like that

Ceremony awarding the owner of Rich Strike the Kentucky Derby trophy after his horse Rich Strike won as an 81-1 long shot Jeff Faughender/Courier Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

Welcome back to Pit Your Wits! Last week, as we considered Miguel Cabrera and his joining of the 3,000 hit club and how unlikely it was anyone would ascend to that height again any time soon, I asked you to come up with new milestones that might be more achievable. We saw some good, out-of-the-box thinking this week, and I like where you’re heads are at! In third place, with 3 recs each, you have Jack and gzimmerm!

Lowest body fat % to the point of being so bulked up that one cannot perform without cramping or pulling something. I’m thinking of a certain CF, sorry, 2nd baseman. - gzimmerm
Most career Gameplans by a manager. Torey is going to the Hall of Fame suckas! - Jack Sommers

Gzimmerm’s sounds like a problem I’d like to have, honestly, while Jack’s is probably the only way the Diamondbacks are going to get one of these milestones. In second place, we find xerostomia with four recs!

Most bobbleheads in a career? Diamondbacks cheaping out on this as well, as there is no bobbleheads for 2022

Ah wait, never mind, Diamondbacks are in contention for this one too. Not only are there no bobbleheads this year, we trade the ones deserving of bobbleheads long before they get near those numbers!

Taking first place /insert drumroll... Diamondhacks with a commanding 6 recs

The 3000 Tweet Club
You gotta pump those up, those are rookie numbers in this racket

And now for the standings :-)


Players Recs
Players Recs
Diamondhacks 22
Jack Sommers 15
MrRbi17 7
Snake_Bitten 6
Jim McLennan 5
LeftFieldCorNWer 5
AzRattler 4
FootstepsFalco16 4
NikT77 4
Xerostomia 4
gzimmerm 3

Hacks is pulling out to a commanding lead early, up seven recs over Jack, and another seven over MrRbi in third place. Still lots of time, but if anyone wants to challenge Hacks, they’re going to need to get a move on.

So, let’s see.... anything interesting happen with the Diamondbacks we can build off this week? I don’t know... seems like the team has kept a pretty low profile and stayed out of the national spotlight for the most part? Well, I mean, I guess there was that one thing. Okay fine, we’ll go with that. Caption this photo. Go!

A still shot of Dan Bellino staring daggers into Madison Bumgarner before Madbum notices it and says somthing