Diamondbacks Minor League Transactions

Cheryl Evans/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Throughout the year, there is always transactions within any minor league system in which players are moved up and own regularly. Arizona Diamondbacks’ minor league teams have been busy with many transactions of the last couple of weeks. Though many of the players may not be projected as top prospects, they are continually improving and moving through the system. Here is a synapse of some of these players whom have been promoted recently:

To Visalia:

Usually, we the players moved to Visalia are moving from the ACL to Visalia and are pretty young. Since this is the case, Visalia is really the first place that we see them against professionals. The two additions that have been moved up recently are:

  • SS Juan Corniel – This weekend was his first action in Visalia. He was 2 for 4 with one BB in his first game.
  • CF Danyer Sanabria – Danyer is starting off looking like a solid addition in which he is already hitting .316 through 6 games.

To Hillsboro:

  • Catcher Shane Muntz – Shane has been batting .300 and has been solid as a catcher. Shane’s numbers in Visalia have been stronger than Caleb Roberts. Caleb is currently the everyday catcher in Hillsboro and was promoted at the beginning of this year. It will be interesting to see which one develops in Hillsboro faster to see if and when either Shane or Caleb gets promoted to Amarillo.
  • RHP Jose Alcantara – It looks like he was solid in Visalia while pitching in 13 games with a 4.43 ERA
  • SS Channy Ortiz – Channy has now played in Reno, Visalia and Hillsboro this year. I am not sure as to the reasoning behind the movement, or what his ultimate landing spot will be. However, with both Bliss and Lawyar in the pipeline, it will be interesting to see where he ends up as a shortstop.

To Amarillo:

  • RHP Austin Pope – Just looking at his number in Hillsboro, where he had a 1.35 ERA in 11 games, it was probably time for him to move on. Having said that, he is one where his value as a pitcher really shined in Hillsboro because he only had an ERA of 8.71 while in Visalia in 2021.
  • LHP Jake Rice – Jake has been solid throughout his time within the Diamondbacks organization, starting in Visalia in 2021 with an ERA of 3.14. As the 9th round draft pick in 2021 he seems to really progressing nicely.
  • SS Dairon Cuevas – this seems to be an interesting move. By looking at numbers, his numbers have been very similar to Bliss’. What could be possible is that this was a move to create an opening for Lawyar to move to Hillsboro. However, Lawyar is on the 7-day disability list, so we will need to wait for a few days to see how that plays out.
  • RF Roby Enriquez – Roby’s fielding looks solid with no errors. He is batting about .200, which will need to improve to see him progress much further.

To Reno

  • C Juan Centeno (pictured top) – Juan has been in the minors for 15 seasons, though, he has bounced back and forth between the minors and major league. So, maybe he can make it back again.
  • RHP Blake Workman – Blake pitched 13 games in Amarillo with a 4.32 ERA. He, also, won his first game in Reno.
  • RHP Ryan Weiss- Ryan pitched 10 games in Amarillo with a 4.76 ERA
  • RHP Justin Lewis – Justin pitched 12 games in Amarillo with a 2.89 ERA
  • 2B Jancarlos Cintron – Jancarlos was pretty instrumental in the Rawhide winning the California league championship. So, it is a pleasure to see him continuing to progress. He had an average of .311 with Amarillo, while only having 2 fielding errors. Even though he is not high in the top prospects list, and he was drafted in the 24th round of 2017, it seems like he is continually improving throughout the years. Through the first two games in Reno he is hitting .571, though, I’m positive that won’t continue.

As you can see, there was much recent activity within the system. As I truly believe the pitching within the organization is truly the strength, it will be interesting to watch the continual development of Walston, Jarvis, and Pfaadt and see what they can do when they get to Reno or Arizona.