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PYW’s 2022: Week 8

Let’s see what team building exercises you came up with, shall we?

A man holds up a UFO shaped trophy in front of a crowd of supporters Photo by Vince Caligiuri/Getty Images

Last week, I asked you to come up with some team building exercises to build on the foundation that winning recently had already created. Some good answers this week, and after the last couple of games against the Dodgers, they need ‘em, so let’s jump right in! In third place, we have Snake_Bitten with two recs!

An Ian Kennedy Blanket Party!

In second place, with our first red comment, we find Xerostomia with 4 rec’s!

Team raft building experience. Once built, they can send Melancon and IPK to Greenland on it. (followed by a gif of two children in a kayak slowly sinking while trying to continue rowing)

And rounding out the podium this week is Diamondhacks with 5 recs!

Team Scavenger Hung. Find Mike Hazen a: Closer, setup guy, catcher, third baseman, a hitter with RISP, a munificent owner. Go!

Even one of those would be grounds for celebration in this city at this point!


Players Recs
Players Recs
Diamondhacks 27
Jack Sommers 21
NikT77 9
FatElvis04 8
MrRbi17 8
Snake_Bitten 8
Xerostomia 8
chronicles_of_the_desert 7
Jim McLennan 5
LeftFieldCorNWer 6
AzRattler 4
FootstepsFalco16 4
gzimmerm 4
Justin27 3
Oldenschoole 3

After a couple weeks of radio silence, Hacks is back! Put five recs on the board, and reopens that lead over second place Jack a little more once again. Behind those two, we’ve got a bit of a traffic jam between several players just on the outside looking in right now. Still plenty of time for a come back, though!

This week is Phoenix Fan Fusion, our non-copywritten answer to the San Diego and other Comic-cons. A huge part of PFF is cosplay, where you dress up as a character from your favorite sci-fi/fantasy/anime/video game/etc. Long time viewers may remember, we have a tradition here at PYWs, and that is every weekend of PFF, I ask you this: Pick a current member of the Diamondbacks and tell me who they would cosplay as and why. Go!