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Diamondbacks 8, Royals 6: Luplow had a good PH appearance...

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Arizona Diamondbacks Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

1st inning
Whit Merrifield lead of the ballgame with a double down the 1B line. On 1-1 to Benintendi, Gallen steps off and looks at Merrifield. Benintendi lines out to Perdomo, who doubles off Merrifield easily. Maybe don’t be dancing around back there like that. Bobby Witt Jr, son of former Dback Bobby Witt (14 games, 43 innings pitched), pops up to Thomas in shallow CF.
Varsho to lead it off for us. Long fly to straight=away CF and it’s gone! (444 feet) That was the first ever leadoff homer by a Dback catcher. Pavin Smith with a 3-1 count, nothing really close, ball 4 way up. Marte flies out to LF. Walker grounds into a routine 6-4-3 double play.
2nd inning
Hunter Dozier to lead things off, works it full, checks his swing and the 1B ump says he didn’t go so he walks. Melendez launches one into the RF bleachers. 2-1 KC. Santana grounds out to Perdomo playing on the right side of 2B. Ohearn grounds out to Christian Walker, who tosses it to Gallen. Blanco strikes out on an inside changeup and Gallen doesn’t look happy with himself walking off.

Peralta strikes out. McCarthy walks on 4 pitches. Thomas struck out swinging. The Dbacks have 33 [now 36] home runs this month, the most in the NL. Perdomo walked. Jake Hager with 2 on and 2 outs. Why do I have no faith he’ll do something useful? 3-0 count, walked on a pitch low and inside. So I guess I was wrong. Varsho now with the bases loaded, wild pitch , everyone moves up. Heasley threw another into the dirt 4 pitches later, another ball. Full count to Varsho, strikes out looking. Tied 2-2.

3rd inning

Lopez flies out to CF. Merrifield singles to RF. Benintendi doubled past a drawn in Hager at 3B. Witt grounded out to Perdomo as Merrifield scores. Dozier flies out to CF.

Smith popped up to Witt in foul territory to lead our half inning. Marte dumps one into no mans land in between Blanco and Benintendi for a single. Christian Walker grounds into a 4-3 double play.

4th inning

Melendez hit a little tapper, but it’ll roll foul, then grounds out to Marte. Melendez showing he has some speed for a catcher as he made it close. Santana completely shattered his bat on a ground out to Hager. The Royals are challenging the out call at first. The call is overturned so Santana gets an infield single. Ohearn strikes out, but it gets away from Varsho and Santana advances to 2B. Blanco struck out on a pitch in the dirt and it looked like he said something Varsho?

Peralta homers to LF to lead us off. It is now 3-3. McCarthy walked on 5 pitches. Thomas hit a little comebacker to the mound and it gets knocked down. KC can only get the out at 2B. Perdomo tried to bunt for a hit but it went foul, then pops up to Santana. Heasley at 65 pitches, he has walked 5 so far, and when he is missing it isn't even close. Hager strikes out looking to end it.

5th inning

Gallen strikes out Lopez. He is at 74 pitches now. Merrifield lined out to RF. Benintendi, nobody on the left side of the infield, he flies out to Thomas almost at the CF warning track.
Varsho walked, 6 walks now for Heasley. Pavin strikes out looking on a pitch inside, the way Heasley is going, I am surprised he got THAT call. Marte hit a hardground ball that hit Varsho, so he is out. Nothing Varsho could have really done to get out of the way. Walker flies out to CF.

6th inning

Gallen has set down the last 5 Royals in a row. Witt hits a rocket to Marte, ate him up, can’t get the out. Gallen throwing over to first a ton. Walked Dozier, I think Gallen was paying too much attention to Witt over there, IMO. Mantiply is up in our bullpen. Melendez with a full count, hits a double off the chain link fence in RF. Only 1 run is in. Santana, with 2 on and no out, 3-0 count to him he lines out to Walker. Gallen at 96 pitches and Mantiply is ready and comes in to the ballgame. Mantiply’s first pitch to Ohearn is skied to shallow CF for the out. Blanco hits a single up the middle, both runs score. Lopez grounds out to 3B to end it. The score is now 6-3, Royals. Gallen’s line tonight is 5.1ip, 6ERs, 7 hits, 4ks and 2 walks.

New pitcher for the Royals, Amir Garrett. Heasley walked 6, only 1 of whom scored. Peralta struck out on a full count. McCarthy singles past 2B, the third time he has been on base tonight. Thomas walked. Royals will bring in Taylor Clarke. Perdomo, 2 on and 1 out, full count strikes out looking on an inside pitch as the Umpire over enthusiastically rang him up. Welcome to the Ump Show. Luplow to PH for Hager, Way back! Three run homer over the bullpen in LF and we are tied! Varsho dumps a flair over a jumping Benintendi, it is off the wall, Varsho thought about trying for a triple but wisely stayed at 2B. Pavin Smith hits a 2 run bomb to the bleachers in RF! Do you miss Taylor Clarke?? lmao. Marte grounds out to 1B. It is now 8-6 Dbacks.

7th inning

Noe Ramirez in to pitch for us and Drew Ellis checks in at 3B. Merrifield, full count, walks. Benintendi (the first time tonight I could spell that without looking lol), strikes out and Varsho throws out Merrifield. Strike him out, throw him out double play. Witt strikes out.

LHP Gabe Speier in for the Royals. Walker to lead off, which is probably for the best since he has hit into 2 inning ending double plays tonight. He flies out to CF. IPK is throwing in our pen. Peralta strikes out. McCarthy strikes out on a full count.

8th inning

IPK in the game. Dozier hits a liner that Marte makes a great jumping catch to rob a hit. Melendez flies out to Thomas in CF. Santana flies out to LF.

Speier still on the hill for the Royals. Thomas flies out to Benintendi in LF, who had a long run to get it. Perdomo doubles in the gap between LF and CF. He now has a 5 game hit streak. Drew Ellis first at bat tonight after coming in a couple innings ago, he walks. The Royals will have the bottom 3rd of their order up next half inning. Varsho strikes out. Pavin Smith strikes out.

9th inning

Melancon in the ballgame to try and close things out. Ohearn singles past 3B Ellis. Blanco, 0-2, coming with a cutter and Blanco strikes out! Lopez has an 0-2 count now, fouls one off, he lines out to Ellis. Whit Merrifield the last chance for the Royals. 0-2 to him as well, bounces one in the dirt, foultip, tapper to the mound 1-3 and that’s the ballgame!

Both teams had 9 hits, the Royals left 4 runners on to our 6. The important thing is the final score and that is 8-6 Dbacks. Time of the ballgame 3 hours and 9 minutes.

The only two sedona red comments (as of when I clicked out of the GDT 15-20 minutes ago) So this will be your COTN.