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PYW’s 2022: Week 7

The Diamondbacks are doing well. What gives??

A Bunch of guys in suits hold a trophy in a boring white room Photo by Mattia Ozbot - Inter/Inter via Getty Images

Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to this Sunday edition of PYW’s. I’m your host, ISH95, and last week, I asked you to explain why the Diamondbacks are beating expectations. After a couple weeks of low rec counts, I was very happy to see that all of our winning comments were turned that pleasing shade of Sedona Red! Some were laugh out loud funny, others were vaguely disturbing, and some were just plain depressing! So without further ado, in third place we have a tie between Jack Sommers and NikT77, with 4 recs apiece!

They sucked the life force out of the Phoenix Suns - Jack Sommers

I’ve always said that there is a universal law that only one Arizona team can be good at the same time, so this tracks.

The players have a cardboard cutout of a nude KK in the club house and with each win a piece of clothing is added to it - NikT77

That would explain it. It would also explain if they just burned the stadium to the ground

In second place, we find chronicles_of_the_desert with this 5 rec entry!

A nervous Ketel Marte raised his hand at the of a team meeting and asked, “Torey, on behalf of everyone, what’s a “gameplan”

AND WHAT WAS THE ANSWER KETEL?? We need to know!!!

Taking first place this week, we have FatElvis04 with 8 recs!

The team finally decided to flip home plate over and read the instructions

You would think one of the groundskeepers would have let them know the instructions were there. Maybe they were Rockies fans...


Players Recs
Players Recs
Diamondhacks 22
Jack Sommers 21
NikT77 9
FatElvis04 8
MrRbi17 8
chronicles_of_the_desert 7
Snake_Bitten 6
Jim McLennan 5
LeftFieldCorNWer 6
AzRattler 4
FootstepsFalco16 4
gzimmerm 4
Xerostomia 4
Justin27 3
Oldenschoole 3

Well that commanding lead that Hacks had last week evaporated didn’t it? With his third place showing, Jack cut the lead down to only one rec. Meanwhile Nik jumped up to third place, and with his 8 rec performance in his first podium finish of the season, FatElvis goes to a tie for fourth with MrRbi. It’s still anyone’s game, and I think this one is going to come down to the wire.

Things are going pretty good with the team overall. There was that bit of a hiccup in the four games against the Dodgers, but it’s to be expected. You can never be too much of a team though. Come up with a team bonding activity that Lovullo could use to bring the team together even more. Go!