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Meme Monday 5/2: The Return Of Lopez

Diamondbacks are winning in more ways than not

It’s hilarious to me. The D-backs take the series vs Dodger-evil then split the series against Saint Louis. I love it. Nobody thought that would happen. Nobody. The D-backs have had their ups and downs, but I have to say the starters are looking good, that includes Davies and MadBum. The offense is starting to try. Ahmed is the biggest bat on the team right now? Who TF would have even thought that? One thing I can say, the defense could use some smelling salts, Marte? Maybe he does belong in CF because he is making me question whether or not he can actually play 2b, never mind his bat. Anyway, there is a lot to meme about so get going.

Found Memes:

* removes Astros hat, put Boras’ d###, I mean Hat on head...
I guess we are the My Little Pony-Mets now?
No charges. But, he’s done for.
F em all

My Memes:

Lopes is back, stretch Cadillac fruit cocktails