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Diamondbacks 3, Dodgers 5: Sweep

Just not the fun kind...

Seriously guys?!


It’s getaway day in LA! I don’t think I’m alone in being excited about this. It has not been a great series. Let’s not get swept? **Narrator Voice: They did in fact get swept out of LA**


Today's Lineups

Daulton Varsho - C Mookie Betts - RF
Jordan Luplow - RF Freddie Freeman - 1B
Pavin Smith - DH Trea Turner - SS
Christian Walker - 1B Will Smith - C
Josh Rojas - 3B Max Muncy - 3B
David Peralta - LF Justin Turner - DH
Geraldo Perdomo - SS Cody Bellinger - CF
Alek Thomas - CF Chris Taylor - LF
Jake Hager - 2B Gavin Lux - 2B
Zach Davies - RHP Walker Buehler - RHP

First Inning


Not the start you’d hope for. Varsho struck out, Luplow grounded out to first and Smith struck out. All on 11 pitches. Sigh.


Betts doubled to right to lead off the Dodger First. And it bites immediately. Freeman hit a grounder up the middle which Hager clanged into Center. The scorer chose to not give an error. Freeman only at first because Thomas is fast, but Betts scored. Turner the Younger then grounded to third; only Freeman was out. Smith flew out to center though. Thankfully, Muncy struck out swinging. 1-0 Dodgers

Second Inning


Christian Walker doesn’t make history in ab-1; instead he dribbled out to catcher. And we all know what Walker’s speed to first base looks like. Rojas managed a good at bat though, hitting a single just over short stop into left field. Peralta followed that up with a single to right. Rojas being a savvy runner got to third. Perdomo hit a pretty slow roller to the right of second, which Turner the Younger fielded. He couldn’t tag Peralta, but did manage to get Perdomo at first. ROJAS SCORED! Thomas then grounded out to first.


Turner the Redbeard flew out to center on one pitch. Bellinger then struck out and Swiss Army Knife Taylor flew out to center. 1-1 Tie

Third Inning


Hager walked! Varsho hit a ball up the middle that Trea Turner fielded. He stepped on second to force Hager, but Varsho’s speed ensured we kept a runner on base. Luplow doubled to deep left, but Varsho could only get to third. Dbacks threatening Buehler early though, that’s nice to see. Smith grounded out to first, but both runners advanced, so VARSHO SCORED and Luplow on third. But Walker grounded out to end the inning.


I got a work call during this half inning, so I totally missed it. Apparently Lux grounded out to first, Betts lined out to third and Freeman grounded out to second. 2-1 Diamondbacks

Fourth Inning


Rojas led off with a walk! Peralta had a long at bat, but flew out to center, no movement from Rojas. But Perdomo popped into an embarrassing double play....


Turner the Younger flew out to Luplow. But Smith doubled to right, which was quickly followed by a Muncy single over the shift; runners on the corners. Whelp. Redbeard hit a three run home run to left... Geez. Even Bellinger hit a double to right. Taylor struck out looking. But Lux has come alive - single to center, scoring Bellinger. Betts flew out to left, mercifully ending the inning. 5-2 Dodgers

Fifth Inning


Thomas got a good bloop single into center. Hager does the same! Varsho makes it exciting with a grounder past Freeman at first that Lux smothered. Nobody scored, but bases loaded with no outs! After a long at bat, Luplow struck out swinging. Disappointing, but you can’t be too upset, it was a good pitch in a great battle. Smith, however struck out in a thoroughly uncompetitive at bat. And Walker jumps early to ground into an easy out at third...


Mantiply replaced Davies. Freeman struck out on three pitches. But Turner the Younger grounded a hit right up the middle. Smith struck out, but Turner stole second. Muncy grounded out to second, ending the threat. 5-2 Dodogers

Sixth Inning


Bruihl replaced Buehler. He got Rojas to strike out. Then Peralta popped out. Perdomo did manage a hit to right, but Thomas lined out to left. A quick inning.


Kennedy in for Mantiply. He got Turner the Redbeard to strike out. But Bellinger singled and then stole second. He then took third on a wild pitch... Thankfully Kennedy got Taylor to strike out and Lux to fly out to right. No additional damage. 5-2 Dodgers

Seventh Inning


Graterol pitching. Hager grounded out to pitcher. Varsho singled to right though. And then Luplow walked. Smith somehow singled. Varsho, recognizing the rarity of this, managed to score from second. Walker then popped out to second. Which made Dave Roberts choose to change pitchers again: Price this time. Rojas struck out.


Ramirez on this time. Betts dribbled to catcher for an out. Freeman then smoked a ball to first that Walker handled with ease. Turner the Younger then popped out to center. Another clean inning for the bullpen! 5-3 Dodgers

Eighth Inning


Price still pitching. Peralta doesn’t look great in this at bat and strikes out as a result. Perdomo flew out to center. And Thomas struck out swinging. It wasn’t a pretty inning here.


Ramirez also stays in. Smith gave a ball a ride to left, but missed just a bit, so Peralta could snag it on the warning track. Melancon on now...(the gulpiest of gulps). Muncy flew out to deep right. But an out’s an out. Redbeard flew out to center. 5-3 Dodgers

Ninth Inning


Daniel Hudson in for the Save today. Yonny Hernandez batting for Hager. “The Mosquito” used before two pitches thrown. But the mosquito got slapped down with a strike out. Varsho got fooled and grounded into the shift. Luplow grounded out to Muncy to end the game. 5-3 Dodgers Final


Lolz. I was so optimistic.


Comment of the Day

Only 56 comments total today. None got more than a single rec. So instead of a Sedona Red comment for today, I’m going to steal one from a Red Legs coworker:

At least you get to review a good team, you could have a kid begging you to take him to Reds games.


This game was winnable. In the fifth, the Diamondbacks had bases loaded, nobody out. Instead of scoring, they floundered and flopped. Davies had good moments and bad. Still overall he’s been better than I anticipated when he signed. Melancon didn’t blow up, so I guess that’s a good thing? The bullpen as a whole was strong today, oddly enough. Not sure if that is really good pitching, or tired Dodger hitters, but I’ll take it.

Up Next

The getaway day has been put to good use. The team is now headed to the north side of Chicago to play the Cubs 4 more times. Game one will be tomorrow (Thursday May 19) at 3:40 Arizona Time. The pitching will be Gallen vs. TBD.