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Brute Squad BBQ Episode #2: Smoked Wings

NikT is back with another delicious creation that’s perfect for opening weekend

Hello my fellow Pitters and Brutes! Nik here once again with my second installment of Brute Squad BBQ. In this episode we celebrate the return of Major League Baseball!

With Opening Day right around the corner, I thought we would tackle one of the easiest, and yet one of the most delicious meals one can make in the smoker or grill, wings! Ingredients are as simple as they get, olive oil spray, kosher salt, coarse ground black pepper, your choice of BBQ rub, and wings! So, crack a beer, fire up your grill, and let’s get to cookin! For great BBQ rubs & more, check out

Important notes

Grill temp 300 degrees.

Chicken must be cooked to a minimum of 165 degrees for safe consumption. For wings I prefer to take the temp up to between 180 and 200 degrees.

Total cook time, approximately 40 minutes