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Beercap Time! Dbacks 6 Cards 2

No worktime recap folks, it’s happy hour!

St. Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds
We miss you so much..............
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Hello all!

I had a bit of a break last week, so here I am once more, and this time I don’t have to trudge through a workday to write this little gem.

Let’s dive in to the game shall we?

Inning 1

  • The ageless wonder Wainwright stands at top of the mound for the Cardinals tonight. Hard to believe he’s 40, and it sure feels like he’s been pitching for the Cardinals for longer than that.
    He’s not the world beater that he used to be, but despite giving up a Pavin double and waking Peralta he gets out of trouble easily enough with our Friday Beer grounding in to a double play.

Mad Bum ascends the mound for us today. That matters not to Goldy, not many pitchers do, as he sends one into the center field bleachers.

God how I miss Goldy…

0-1 Cards

Inning 2

  • Not much for our slightly awoken bats in the 2nd, certainly got more offense then my last recap, so I’ll take that.
  • No Goldy, no problem for Mad Bum here in the bottom of the 2nd. Still not loving Nad Bum overall but so far in this young season he, along with most of our other starters are pretty solid.
    0-1 Cards going in to the 3rd.

Inning 3

  • Those bats I lauded come through! Perdomo draws a lead off walk followed by a Herrera single to Sneks on the corner for Varsho, who neatly hits past Lord Goldy for a very sweet double. Smith then drives in another and we’re suddenly up 2-1.
  • I’m in beer one (an excellent hazy by Outer Range) and I can say quite confidently that I’m enjoying this recap far more than my work bound one two weeks ago. Friday beers!!!!

Mad Bum gets through the 3rd with a mellow 1-2-3, even with the Dark God Goldy up. I like this kinda party.

Inning 4

  • Nothing to really say about us there in the top of the 4th, but our tacos arrived to our table, so I’m not too mad.
  • Mad Bum holds sway once more despite the Pujols single. I know we love to rag on how awful he was as an Angel but so many forget what a baseball GOD he was with the Cardinals. I’m glad he gets to retire with them.

Inning 5

  • Nothing much to write here, as both the top and bottom of the 5th went quick as all get out. Still 2-1 going in to the 6th.

Inning 6

  • After a Pavin Smith walk and Peralta ground out, Beer draws a walk of his own and out buddy Hummel drives in the 3rd Snek run of the night making it 3-1 Dbacks. God it sure is nice to write when runs are going across the plate. Such a luxurious experience.
  • Mad Bum’s night is over here in the 6th, and it now falls upon out bullpen to keep the lead as is. Lucky Frias does not faint at the sight of Goldy and we find ourselves up by two going in to the 7th. Weird right!??!!!?

Inning 7

  • Wainwright’s night is over as well, but the Cards bullpen does not do so hot....

It starts with a Herrera walk, followed by Varsho single to left and then Luplow (who?) singles in to right and we’re up one more run: 4-1 Dbacks!

Peralta caps the inning off with a sac fly to make it 5-1, and I can say (with an old fashioned next to me) that this feels like a good night.

  • Frias is in again here in the bottom of the 7th gets the 1st out, then walks Harrison Bader and then battles Molina to a full count and after 7 pitches he loses that battle to a surefire Hall of Famer.

Now with Cards on the corners its up to Frias to try and close things out, but a bad balk (assuming there’s never a good balk) drives in a run. Feels like out previously firm bullpen wheels might be falling off...

Frias night is done and now we look to Ramirez to stop the bleeding. Luckily Molina was on second or else Tommy Edman’s single would have driven in anyone else in the leage, but the Hall of Famer moves like a glacier at this point in his career. Thus Goldy saunters up to the plate, as he has hundreds of times, expecting to do something special. Luck is on our side though and Goldy strikes out on a foul tip blessedly ending this weird inning.

5-2 Dbacks going in to the 8th.

Inning 8

  • Hummel leads off against Whitley here in the 8th and he’s called out on strikes, but Marte follows up with a double just inside the foul line to add some spice to this young inning.

Alcantara (who?) immediately drives in Marte on the first pitch he sees and the run we lost last inning is back again: 6-2 Dbacks!

Perdomo then makes it three hits in a row to put Sneks on 2nd and 1st with one out and it looks like we might just get a crooked number in this inning folks.

Sadly Varsho can’t make that dream come true, but we’re very much in command of this game.

  • Ramirez does his job through the first 2 Cards here in the 8th, and then gives way to Mantiplu to (hopefully) close things out.

Which he does! 6-2 Dbacks going in to the 9th! Raise those glasses high Snakepitters!

Inning 9

  • Nothing doing for our bats in the 9th, but after how our offense has performed I can’t be mad at all. Now it’s time to put the Cards to bed.....
  • Ian Kennedy is now in to close things out. Pop up, strike out and pop out and we get a W.

Night all.

Drink up and embrace the weekend, for the Dbacks have won and our NBA brothers with the Suns still fight on.

Let’s go!