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PYW’s 2022: Week 2

What national days will our other players be celebrating?

Lois E. Carter Middle School students Abagail Atcho, left, and Kayla Russo, center, carries their trophies for winning the best overall prize in the sixth grade division for their team the Laughing Lilacs during the National Fluid Power Association Fluid Power Action Challenge Ryan Garza / USA TODAY NETWORK

Welcome back. Hope you all had a great week of morale boosting beatings from our favorite baseball club! Anyway, last time out, I asked you to pair up a current Diamondback with a National Day (such as Seth Beer and National Beer Day), either real or fictional. Lots of good nominees this week, but some were straight up laugh out loud funny, and you made it known with your recs. Third place is a tie between FootstepsFalco16 and AzRattler with four recs apiece!

David Peralta - National Train Day 4 Recs

Short, sweet, self-explanatory. I like it!

Zac Gallen - National Milk Day. First 10,000 fants get a free milk carton, the kind from elementary school with the foldable lip. 4 recs

Was someone reading my drafts for ideas for this week’s prompt?

In second place, Jim with this five rec contribution!

Sean Poppen - National Bubble Wrap Day, the last Monday in January. It’s it’s a real thing, and then a link to an article on National Today about the holiday, which I almost typed out before realizing how foolish that would be...

And rounding out our podium this week is Hacks with a whopping 7 rec performance!

International Pilgrimage Day - Christian Walker

When I do these prompts, I like to game plan (take a shot!) out a few responses that I feel would be appropriate, to see if it’s likely people will respond well to the idea. This one NEVER crossed my mind, but dare I say it’s... inspired?

And for the first time in 2022, let’s put some points on the leaderboard!


Players Recs
Players Recs
Diamondhacks 7
Jim McLennan 5
AzRattler 4
FootstepsFalco16 4

The season just doesn’t feel real until I make the Google Doc for the standings... Over the past few years, the dreaded Supply Chain has come for many of the things we hold near and dear. Toilet paper, ventilators, beef and chicken products, toilet paper again, computer chips, straws, toilet paper, just to name a few, but the worst of all was announced just prior to the start of this baseball season. The Supply Chain had come for our bobbleheads. Yes! the marketing team was left reeling when a staple of the giveaway calendar was rudely snatched from our grasp, and once again, they turn to you, the contestants on PYW’s, to solve their problems. Come up with a new giveaway to replace our bobbleheads for the 2022 season, and maybe beyond. Go!