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TPS Report Recap: D-backs 3, Mets 10

No beer thanks to the early game....and at work

Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Well this is awkward.

Almost certain this is the first time I’ve signed up to do a recap for a day game on a work day.

Thus I’m stuck listening to this early game in my office....with no beer....still having to work.


Inning 1:

  • Our feeble offense (last in AVG but surprisingly high in Walks) starts things off at Citi Field with the young Varsho striking out. Marte though adds for some excitement with a double in to center, so that’s a thing.

Peralta then follows that up with a walk after a valiant 9 pitch effort. So we got some serious hope here with men on 1st and 2nd and CWalk up to bat.

CWalk strikes out leaving our hopes of putting up some numbers in the first frame up to Pavin Smith........who pops out to end the inning.

The story of our 2022 Dbacks (thusfar); baserunners, but no RBI’s.

  • Zach Davies ascends the mound today for the Sneks today. McNeil of the Mets reaches on an infield single to lead things off for the Mets with the one-time (short time) Dback Starling Marte coming up next and getting a bloop single.

Davies is now in some real trouble with 2 on and zero outs with Lindor coming up. Positive feelings are fleeing and suddenly going back to making sales calls sounds very enticing.

Luckily Lindor grounds in to a fielders choice, leaving Davies with men on the corners and 1out. The Mets then get the first run of the game with a sac fly in to left, and luckily that’s all the damage Davies allows: 0-1 Mets going in to the 2nd

Inning 2:

  • 3 up and 3 down in the 2nd for the Dbacks. Nothing fancy, just no offense to speak of.
  • Davies appears to settle down a bit (hard to tell since I’m also on a conference call with a client), and despite Peralta’s fielding error turning a Jankowski single in to a double. Luckily that’s the only damage allowed and we’re off to the 3rd still down by a run.

Inning 3:

  • Perdomo leads off the 3rd getting HBP, thus improving our OBP. A lot of chatter about him potentially coming out of the game, but it sounds like he’ll stay in.

That unpleasant scene is followed by a strike out (Varsho) throw-out (Perdomo) and a Marte pop up to center. The bat slumber continues in to the bottom of the 3rd.

  • The Mets bats on the other hand appear to have no problems at all as after a quick hit, fielders choice, steal and then throwing error leads to Starling Marte on 3rd with one out.

Immediately thereafter another Mets sac fly drives in their 2nd run of the game. Yay us. BTW, that’s two costly errors for us and we’re only in the 3rd inning. Nice

Inning 4:

  • Another trio of Dbacks at bats and another trio of outs. I’ll be autofilling that for all subsequent innings.
  • Davies gives up a solo shot to Cano to lead things off here in the 4th brining the Mets lead up to 3 and our hopes aint getting much brighter.

0-3 Mets going in to the top of the 5th.

Inning 5:

  • Another trio of Dbacks at bats and another (slight caveat as Herrera did draw a walk) trio of outs.
  • Davies day ends in spectacular fashion after giving up a 2run no-doubter to Lindor making it a 5 run Mets lead, thus it falls to the young Wendelken to clean up things here in the 5th.

Wendelken starts his mound duty by plunking Alonso, but luckily that’s all the damage he allows.

Inning 6:

  • Varsho breaks the hitless slumber with a solo shot over the head of Starling Marte! Yay! 1-5 Dbacks. We still got a ways to go to make this a game again, but every little bit counts.
  • Caleb Smith in for the Dbacks now here in the bottom of the 6th, and despite allowing a bunt single he cruises through the bottom of the Mets order and we’re off to the 7th down 1-5.

Inning 7:

  • Another trio of Dbacks at bats and another trio of outs. The only notable difference here is Shreve did the damage, having been brought in for Bassitt.
  • Bottom of the 7th now and Caleb Smith in for another go at the Mets. He forces Marte to pop out, walks Lindor, strikes out Alonso and the our old friend Escobar ruins Smith’s day with a double (one Pavin almost had) to make this a 1-6 game. Bleh.

Inning 8:

  • Another trio of Dbacks at bats and another trio of outs. We did get a walk, so that’s cool.
  • Caleb is back at it again here in the 8th, because why the heck not. On that note he allows a walk and a hit, and it looked like we might just get out of things after McNeil flies out for the second out, but Starling Marte had other plans. 3 run S Marte blast makes it a 1-9 Mets lead and we’re effectively toast.

Lindor’s solo shot makes us super toast after that; 1-10 Mets. Caleb Smith with 5 earned runs.........

Inning 9:

  • Two more walks, and Beer regains some of our honor with a ground rule double to make it a 2-10 game. Sergio Alcantara grounds out to drive in another run, still a hopeless game, but now one less level of hopeless. 3-10 Mets, game over as Herrera strikes out.

Whelp, that was an underwhelming game. At least I made a bunch of sales while half listening to this mess.

And happy hour is almost here.

Bells and whistles, by Jim

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The iceberg: Ketel Marte, +1.6%
HMS Titanic: Zach Davies, -23.6%

Awkwardly, I was responsible for the most-rec’d comment, about the umpire talking to Caleb Smith as he checked him for foreign substances. So I can’t possibly use that. We’ll go instead with Nik T’s comment on pitcher names of the future. But I’m also going to sneak in my reply!

Back again tomorrow for the same two teams, and it’s another morning start for us here . I’ll probably begin working on the preview now... Zac Gallen is scheduled to make his delayed season debut for Arizona.