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Snake Bytes, 4/10: Bullpen blues

Stop me if you've heard this one before...

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MLB: San Diego Padres at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports


[AZ Central] Diamondbacks fail to make plays, drop 2nd game in a row to Padres - It was hard to escape the conclusion that this was a performance that would have fit right in for the 2021 Diamondbacks, a club that did not just stumble and bumble its way to 110 losses, but one that failed to make the good-to-great plays that help turn potential losses into potential victories.

[] Davies’ D-backs debut a good one to build on - It was an impressive first showing for Davies, who could prove to be a strong addition to Arizona’s rotation as he looks to keep building up over his next few outings. “Love how he works off the mound, he has a great tempo and pace. I think he’s a very instinctual guy,” D-backs bench coach Jeff Banister said.

[Arizona Sports] Diamondbacks make offensive progress in loss to Padres - The game was decided in the top of the eighth inning when Ian Kennedy was inserted to pitch in his first game with the D-backs since 2013. It was a rough return for the righty... In his lone inning of work, he gave up two runs on two hits, walked a batter and was charged with the loss. "I think he couldn’t get a feel for his breaking ball,” Lovullo said. "He’s going to be fine. The velocity was there.”

Team News

I listened to him all the time in the early days and especially during “The Hiatus and Troubling Times” (The Hiatus is my absence from the snakepit. The Troubling Times was when I lived in essential poverty for 4 or 5 years)
Longtime Diamondbacks radio voice Greg Schulte to call only home games this season

Schulte said the decision not to travel was his. He has been dealing with neuropathy in his foot, which makes it harder for him to get around, particularly going down stairs.

Chris Garagiola, who joined the team this season as the team’s pre- and postgame radio host, will fill in for Schulte on the road.

“I turned 70 in December,” he said, before noting that this was his 25th season with the Diamondbacks. “That’s a pretty good number — 70 and 25. We’ll see how long we go after this.

From April 8th, this is interesting. Talks about Hummel’s experience waiting to get the notice he made the club, Orlando Hudson and other things.
Dbacks beat by Steve Gilbert

from someone on twitter: The D-backs’ five hits on the season easily sets a franchise record for fewest hits through two games of a season. In fact, in every year other than 2003 and 2004, the team had at least five hits on Opening Day alone.

Rest of the West

No second thoughts from Melvin after lifting 2 pitchers amid no-hitters

“With the shortened spring, you’re talking about 60 and 70 pitches that guys have thrown,” Melvin said. “I was a little uncomfortable with [Manaea pitching] the seventh, to tell you the truth. You’re targeting more like five [innings] to start the season — maybe six. Seven was an extreme.”

Rockies Hire Todd Helton As Special Assistant

Ex-Dbacks on the move

ISH texted me at work saying AJ Pollock got injured. Because of course he did.
White Sox’ A.J. Pollock expects to return soon from hamstring injury

[talking about the White Sox’ injuries] This time it was A.J. Pollock who tweaked his hamstring while taking a hard turn around first base on a single. Pollock grimaced on his way back to the base and had to be replaced by Andrew Vaughn, but after the game Pollock insinuated the injury may have looked worse than it felt.

“Just a little bit of a tweak,” Pollock said. “It’s not too bad, it’ll be fine. Just felt a little uncomfortable around first there.”

AL and the other NL divisions

I know this was covered in yesterday’s Snake Bytes, but this goes into the implications of Judge not signing the extension.
The ripple effects of Judge not signing extension

The one thing that makes this unique is that we have a very solid idea of what the offer was, because incredibly, Yankees GM Brian Cashman just came right out and told us, when he said the team had offered seven years and $213.5 million atop the $17 million it offered for the 2022 season — making the entire package eight years and approximately $230 million.

‘They’re unbelievable’: Witt leads defensive masterclass in walk-off win
Sensational play by the former Dbacks’ son.

Benches clear after Cubs, Crew rack up HBPs

Cubs, up 9-0, drill McCutchen. There were a total of 5 HBP in this game.

Guardians, Myles Straw Agree To Five-Year Extension

Farm Implements

No. 3 prospect Jordan Lawlar homers in his first at-bat for the Visalia Rawhide.

Anything Goes

On this date in history: In 1975, Lee Elder became the first black golfer to play in the Masters at the age of 41. In 49442, the Bataan Death March in WW2 begins in the Phillipines. 75,000 US and Filipino troops force marched to a prison camp. In 1953, the first 3D color film opens- The House of Wax.

On this day in baseball history: in 1947, Jackie Robinson becomes the first black player to sign a Major League contract in the 20th century. In 1962, Dodger Stadium opens and the Houston Colt .45s play their first game in franchise history. The New York Mets, also a 1962 expansion team, would debut the following night. Doesn't seem to be any tie ins with the Dbacks this time around.