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Meme Monday 3/21: Meme Training

Meme_Lopez reporting for duties

Insert Memes In Comment Section.

Laugh Hysterically

Share, Like, Recommend.

To make things easier for me this season I will be posting found memes 1st, then the memes that I have spent precious time creating, 2nd. That way, I get the props and dap from all the homies, and also there is no confusion on the reader’s part. If you like a found meme more than a meme I sweated blood to make, that’s all good with me. Just comment below which meme is your favorite and you will be automatically entered into a drawing for a sweet prize. This week’s prize is a chance to hang out with Turambar and watch him ride around on his Onewheel while he talks the latest IPAs and brunch spots. Good luck everyone.

Found Memes:


Crazy how that happens.
Is there a Huddy button?
Please don’t kill me, NL WEST
I’ve been hearing this lately

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