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Spring Training Gameday Thread, #2: D-backs vs. Rockies

The first televised game of the year

Surprise Saguaros v. Salt River Rafters Photo by Jill Weisleder/MLB Photos via Getty Images
  1. Alek Thomas, CF
  2. Buddy Kennedy, 3B
  3. Corbin Carroll, RF
  4. Eduardo Diaz, LF
  5. Jose Herrera, C
  6. Camden Duzenack, 2B
  7. Stone Garrett, DH
  8. Leandro Cedeno, 1B
  9. Jancarlos Cintron, SS
    + Ryne Nelson, LHP

Another day, another batch of minor league players to see. Interesting that Thomas gets both the first two starts in center and leading off. It could be that the team is prepping him to play that position every day in the regular season? But let’s not jump the gun on that quite yet, especially when we pretty much haven’t seen anyone on the 40-man roster take the field as yet. Though with the shortened spring and Opening Day already less than three weeks away, early line-ups might be a bit better of an indicator than the second game in a regular pre-season.

First appearance of the D-backs on TV today, with came on Bally Sports. There’s also supposed to be webcast on,