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Spring Training Gameday Thread, #1: D-backs @ Rockies

And so, it begins...

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Colorado Rockies Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

D-backs line-up

  1. Alek Thomas, CF
  2. Nick Heath, RF
  3. Jake Hager, SS
  4. Braden Bishop, LF
  5. Corbin Carroll, DH
  6. Buddy Kennedy, 3B
  7. Nefy Castillo, 1B
  8. Juan Graterol, C
  9. C.J. Chatham, 2B
    + presumably, some pitchers, I guess...

As expected, it’s an entirely minor-league line-up, though a couple of the players do have experience in the majors. Thomas is probably the only one I’d say has a shot at making the Opening Day roster though. Be interested to see how Corbin Carroll does - first proving himself healthy, of course. This game is being broadcast on the radio only, available in Phoenix on ESPN 620 AM. Let me see if I can find a transistor wireless. :)