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Snake Bytes: 02/28 - Discussions

Today’s Snake Bytes full with food for healthy discussions.

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Baseball caps with an inscription CCCP, Russian Federation & Saint Petersburg Photo by: Eduardo Fuster/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Diamondbacks News

[The Score] Ranking the 2022 MLB spring training hats

I don’t really like trucker hats and these ST hats even less, but if you dig them, than you will be happy to see Spring Training games this year...if there are any. Diamondbacks’ cap is ranked 17th.

[] ‘Baseball lifer’ Barfield relishes role in D-backs’ front office

There are reasons for Barfield’s success in the front office. He credits mentors Dave Stewart and Mike Bell. Stewart was the D-backs’ general manager in 2014 when he hired Barfield to a scouting position and showed Barfield the ins and outs of what goes on in the front office.

Around The MLB or “what is written about the lockout”

Everyone has its own opinions, that’s for sure. Discussions on this topic are inevitable, but what do media outlets write? I made a quick selection for you.

[Yahoo Sports] The MLB lockout is threatening games. Maybe it had to for players to make headway

The stuff the players want they were never going to get with months still to go. The owners will give only so much (and seek to take back elsewhere) until it starts to hurt. There are smart, experienced negotiators on both sides and if they wanted this process to be moving faster, it would be. This deal isn’t getting done until someone has their back against the wall.

[Sports Illustrated] MLB lockout: Negotiations leave both sides frustrated, talks on edge

The events Saturday could only be classified as a step back—with a deadline of Monday to save Opening Day as scheduled as set by commissioner Rob Manfred. Every core economic proposal that came up caused friction.

[USA Today] As MLB lockout reaches crucial point, it’s clear the owners were never going to lose

Yet this lockout – imposed by MLB at midnight Dec. 1 – was never going to be an avenue for labor to gain back losses to management in previous CBA negotiations. In fact, all it did was reveal just how challenging it will be for players to pry so much as a nickel from franchise owners.

[NY Post] All the reasons to be both optimistic and pessimistic MLB will play full season

From an optimistic point of view: “Each side whines about how disappointed it is in every proposal and counterproposal up to the moment it says “yes” to a deal. This is merely a continued stare-down to see if the other side cracks and no true movement comes until the heat of a deadline. [...] Most teams will absorb the new rules and build a roster without changing their payroll budgets. If, for example, the Rays or Pirates have to add $3 million to $4 million at the bottom of the payroll because the minimum wage went, they will just live without someone like the $3 million to $4 million reliever who would have filled out the roster.”

[Denver Post] Do Dick Monfort, Rob Manfred think Rockies fans are idiots?

Writes the author: “Stop telling the fans how important and special they are to their face before stabbing them in the back.”

[Chicago Sun Times] MLB faces potential lost games, ‘deep harm’ as lockout drags on

‘‘Resolve is going to be tested,’’ says former Major Leaguer Glanville. ‘‘There are players that have had entire careers without labor stoppage. . . . So it’s natural for the owners to go: ‘Hmm, how tough are these guys? They haven’t really gone through this. They’ve never missed paychecks by their own decisions or for a cause.’ ’’

Across The Wall

[Mexico] Mexican League a haven for abusers

While Major League Baseball is relentless and vetoes violent players, Proceso writer Beatriz Pereyra has written an extensive column that says the Mexican Baseball League opens its doors to them regardless of the complaints they have faced. So far there are eight baseball players who have been kicked off major league teams and their subsidiaries for sexual assault and family violence, mainly, who have been hired by Mexican League teams.

From 2018 to date there are at least eight documented cases: Yasiel Puig (Veracruz), Addison Russell and Mickey Callaway (Monclova), Danry Vásquez (Campeche and Aguascalientes), Luke Heimlich (Dos Laredos), Roberto Osuna (Mexico City), Sergio Mitre (Tijuana and Saltillo) and Omar Vizquel (Tijuana).

Across The Atlantic

[Czech Republic] MLB’s Sogard Receives Czech Citizenship

Eleven-year MLB veteran and current free agent Eric Sogard has received Czech citizenship, paving the way for the journeyman infielder to represent the country’s national team at this year’s World Baseball Classic qualifiers in Regensburg, Germany, and the 2023 European Championship, which will be played in the Czech Republic.

[Europe] Russian and Belarusian teams excluded from all the WBSC Europe 2022 competitions

WBSC Europe had already decided to relocate competitions scheduled to be held in Russia during 2022 and will now go further to support the IOC by excluding Russian and Belarusian teams from all its competitions for both national and club teams to be held in Europe this year. This action is supported by the WBSC who published a press release stating their support and assistance with this measure.