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Bruteside Chats: The Old School

Jack Sommers and Angry Dad talk the new lockout and reminisce about past work stoppages in baseball

Welcome to the latest episode of the Bruteside Chats. As you may have noticed lately we have been putting together new episodes more regularly. Our goal is to post a new chat each week with different topics, guests, and themes. With that being said, you can expect an Old School Chat once a month with Jack Sommers and Angry Dad. Also, look out for next week’s Brute Squad BBQ video with NikT. We appreciate you watching and if you have any topics you want to hear more about just let us know in the comments. For example, the next Old School chat will be all about the shift, how to beat it, and if it can actually be beat.

In this 1st episode of the Old School Chat, Jack and Dad touch on the current lockout and also discuss how the player’s strikes of the past affected them as fans and their loyalty to the game. They also chat about MLB’s dugout celebrations, and yell at kids for playing on their lawn.

Now, this is a pilot episode so some of the sound quality is touchy. Also you will see that I am listed as Patrick Pilcher on Zoom - it was my 1st time hosting and I was using Patrick's zoom account to do so. So please be patient with us/me. We are hooligan-type fans of the game with little to no technological expertise. Gracias and enjoy.