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2022 Diamondbacks Rookie of the Year: The Ballot

Some get more explanation than others. :)

Arizona Diamondbaccks v Colorado Rockies Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Corbin Carroll

Nominated by NikT. “Unless of course he maintains his rookie status for next year?” Well, he does, but that does not stop him from qualifying this season too. This can happen in the “proper” baseball awards as well. In 2021, Ryan Mountcastle and Ian Anderson received Rookie of the Year votes for the second consecutive year, and Gregg Jefferies finished =6th and 3rd in 1988 and 1989. So there is precedent... Indeed, two of this year’s five nominees (McCarthy and Perdomo) were also present on last year’s SnakePit Rookie of the Year ballot, getting three percent and six percent of the vote. I figure they might do slightly better than that this time!

Drey Jameson

Nominated by Diamondhacks. “We had no shortage of phenomenal looking rookies. I’ll nominate Drey Jameson, perhaps the most phenomenal looking of all. Just four starts but he went into the sixth inning every time and accumulated 1.3 bWAR faster than you can say “I beat Corbin Carroll in a foot race.” And they didnt ease him into the majors with a relief stint, or a start against the Pirates. He debuted against a strong Padre lineup...and dominated them. Seven innings, 2 H, no runs. Then he went to Chavez Ravine and beat the Dodgers, 5-2. The Giants opposed him twice after that. 11 IP, 2 earned runs combined. That’s a rookie I can get excited about.”

Jake McCarthy

Nominated by Michael McDermott. “Should be McCarthy’s award to lose”

Gerardo Perdomo

Nominated by Xerostomia. “ I am going to nominate Perdomo and this is why: SS perhaps is the hardest defensive position to play, and he was thrust into that situation prematurely. Defensively he was fine (0.7 dWAR). Offensively I thought he was extremely patient and usually would give a quality at bat (0.8 oWAR). The real question is whom would have played SS if Perdomo was not here? Rojas? Marte? I think whoever was playing would likely have been a negative WAR player, and thus the delta between Perdomo and his hypothetical replacement is higher than the delta between McCathy and whomever would have gotten his spot to play (Thomas, Carrol, etc).”

Alek Thomas

Nominated by gurub. “Home run robbery”

Form is below, or linked here. Note that we are back to requiring SnakePit usernames in order for your vote to count. Unlike last year, I don’t feel like we need a “No award” category, so I’ve taken that off the ballot this time! The poll will close some random time on Friday, whenever I feel like I need to get start on the article for Saturday lunchtime!