Before anyone laughs hear me out

I would offer Dominic Fletcher for Jo Adell.

Jo Adell has not done well in the MLB. Poor defensively and has been striking out a lot. Why would the Dbacks be interested? Well, he is 23, was a high draft pick (#10) and is a RHB.

Why would the Dbacks trade Fletcher? He is unlikely to crack the Dbacks lineup with Carroll, McCarthy, Thomas, Smith as players that will likely get playing time before he does. He is another LHB that we do not really need. He does not have much to prove in Reno at the age of 25.

Why would the Angels trade for Fletcher? His brother plays for the Angels, and they get a possibly more productive outfielder with more control.

Maybe Adell is a bust, and we would be wasting prospect currency, but maybe Adell needs a change in environment. It is a 'risk' I think the Dbacks can afford, because we also have Canzone in Reno. Only question is if the Angels would consider it especially if they still believe he is a top prospect.