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Snake Bytes: 11/9 - Warming Up the Stove

Teams and players have already begun to get this winter’s Hot Stove season going.

Hot Stove News

Fangraphs’ Top-50 Free Agents
Not that the Arizona Diamondbacks will be in on any of these names.

Nine Teams Poised to Shape the Offseason
The San Francisco Giants top the list, joined by the other usual suspects - and Seattle. Seeing St. Louis and Boston down at the bottom of the list is somewhat interesting.

Blue Jays Expected to Trade from Catching Depth
This already seemed likely last winter. Now, with the way their catching triumvirate performed in 2022, it feels almost a certainty. It’s likely they target starting pitching, which would seem to rule out Arizona as a suitor.

Seattle Not Hanging Mitch Haniger with QO
Old friend alert. This makes sense given his extensive injury history and Seattle’s other needs.

Three Big Questions for the Dodgers
Should they pick up their option on and bring back Justin Turner?
Should they non-tender Cody Bellinger?
How will they handle the Clayton Kershaw conundrum for the second season in a row?

GM James Click Still Without a Deal
His team did just win the World Series, so it seems like it would be folly for Jim Crane to run Click off, but it remains a decided possibility that Click will not return to Houston in 2023, as Click is looking for more than a one-year contract. One has to wonder if the Houston window projecting to close at the end of 2024 is coming into play with these decisions.

Other Baseball News

Athletics Still Pursuing Oakland Ballpark
The A’s lease at RingCentral Coliseum expires after the 2024 season. The club and Manfred have said the aging venue is not suitable for Major League Baseball. Frankly, this situation has been going on entirely too long and it seems time for them to be moved. If Oakland really wants a baseball team, let them bid on one of the upcoming expansion franchises.

Astros-Phillies Second-Least Watched World Series Behind 2020
The last three World Series have been the three least-watched. It’s probably time to start adjusting expectations, especially given the new playoff format and the new, post-COVID, post-labour strife realities of MLB.