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D-backs' odds to win the 2023 World Series announced

Worth a small wager?

World Series - Philadelphia Phillies v Houston Astros - Game Six Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The last few World Series have shown us that getting to the post-season is more important than how you get there. In 2019 the wild-card Nationals won it all. In 2020, *. Last year, the 89-win Braves came good in the playoffs. This year, the NL pennant was a battle between two sub-90 win teams, and the Phillies then pushed the Astros harder in the World Series than most expected. Maybe next year, the D-backs can be that surprising team? Oh, there's still work to be done, certainly. But unlike last years dismal 52 wins, from 75 victories I can at least see a path to the playoffs. And then, who knows?

Which brings me to the odds releases this morning for the 2023 World Series by The Dodgers are, unsurprisingly, favorites at 6-1, ahead of the Astros (7-1). But of the teams in the 100-1 bucket like the Diamondbacks, I like Arizona's chances more than any of them. For example, saying we have the same shot as the Rockies seems... Well, amusing. Unlike certain managers, I'm not guaranteeing the team are going to win the World Series. But 100/1 seems to me like a good value bet, and dropping $20 at those odds seems a better investment than Powerball tickets.

But here is the full list of teams, as we close the book on the 2022 season. In case you're curious, the Diamondbacks were 150/1 at the same point in 2021. What do you think?


Odds of 100/1 on the D-backs...

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2023 World Series Odds

  • Los Angeles Dodgers 6-1
  • Houston Astros 7-1
  • Atlanta Braves 8-1
  • New York Yankees 10-1
  • Toronto Blue Jays 10-1
  • New York Mets 12-1
  • Philadelphia Phillies 14-1
  • San Diego Padres 14-1
  • Chicago White Sox 16-1
  • St. Louis Cardinals 18-1
  • Seattle Mariners 20-1
  • Milwaukee Brewers 22-1
  • Boston Red Sox 25-1
  • Tampa Bay Rays 25-1
  • San Francisco Giants 28-1
  • Los Angeles Angels 33-1
  • Baltimore Orioles 50-1
  • Cleveland Guardians 50-1
  • Miami Marlins 50-1
  • Minnesota Twins 50-1
  • Texas Rangers 50-1
  • Detroit Tigers 60-1
  • Kansas City Royals 75-1
  • Arizona Diamondbacks 100-1
  • Chicago Cubs 100-1
  • Cincinnati Reds 100-1
  • Colorado Rockies 100-1
  • Oakland Athletics 150-1
  • Pittsburgh Pirates 150-1
  • Washington Nationals 150-1