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Snake Bytes: 11/6 Astros win it all

MLB: World Series-Philadelphia Phillies at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

World Series

Congrats to the Houston Astros, who eliminated the Phillies last night by a score of 4-1. Yordan Alvarez hit a historic 3 run home run in the bottom of the 6th to put the Astros ahead. It was his only HR of the series, and only his third hit (3-23, .130 BA) I am glad Dusty Baker finally got a ring as a manager. He had won the 1981 WS as a player for the Dodgers. Jeremy Pena is the WS MVP.
I do want to give a hat tip to the Phillies’ improbable run.

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Out of this World! Astros finish off Phils for Series title

....the famous frustrations Dusty Baker had endured in a 25-season pursuit of a ring as a skipper, there was cleansing catharsis as the champagne flowed freely. “He means everything,” Jose Altuve said of Baker. “I said many, many times, he came at the right time, with the right team, and won his first World Series.”

Super rookie Peña makes history as World Series MVP


It’s all over: Astros 4, Phillies 1

Team News

Much respect to Jack, Nick, Steve and Michael, etc, cranking out articles when there is “nothing” to report. I couldn’t do it.

The Diamondbacks Clear 40 Man Roster Space

Diamondbacks 2022 Season Player Reviews: Josh Rojas

Jordan Lawlar, Justin Martinez Named Fall Stars in Arizona Fall League
(Full rosters

Anything Goes

This day in baseball:
Pretty much all of it is contract extensions and awards. No real surprise being this late. Before last night, the latest a world series game had been played was Nov 4, 2001 and Nov 4, 2009.

This day in history:

Spanish conquistador Alvar Nunez Cabeza de VacaIn was shipwrecked in on an island in Texas, becoming the first European to set foot there, in 1528. In 1860, Lincoln was elected President. Lenin leads the Bolsheviks in a coup and otherthrows the provincial government of Russia. (This was not the revolution that overthrew the Tsar, that happened March 1917) in 1917.

Drinking coffee in Turkey was once punishable by death.

In 1633, The Ottoman Sultan Murad IV beheaded anyone he saw drinking coffee in public. Aside from coffee being seen as a mild narcotic back then for its stimulating properties, Murad IV believed that coffee shops could encourage dangerous thoughts or speech against his rulership.

Oh, like a beer hall in Munich in the early 1920’s? Ok, ok, bad joke...

Lincoln Had Dream about His Assassination before It Happened

Lincoln is believed to have had a premonition about two weeks before his death, and actually anticipated the assassination. He also told his bodyguard on April 14, 1865 that he had dreamed about being assassinated for three nights in a row. Sadly, his dreams became a reality that very evening. Lincoln was apparently very interested in dreams and their meanings, and often discussed the topic with friends.

The Russians showed up 12 days late to the 1908 Olympics.

It was no sweat, though: back then, the Olympics lasted for 6 months. The Russians showed up late to the 1908 London Olympics because they were using the Julian calendar, which is 2 weeks behind the Gregorian calendar already used by the rest of the world.

Are we absolutely sure it wasn’t too much vodka?