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Snake Bytes: 10/30 Halloween Eve

Syndication: The Record Kevin R. / USA TODAY NETWORK

I am not sure how rare a Sunday day off in the World Series is, but it seems rare. I could look into it, but I don’t care that much lol. Game 3 will be tomorrow night, in Philadelphia.

Unless the World Series goes 7 games, this will be my last Snake Bytes of 2022. It has been fun. See you all next year!
Well, don’t actually go anywhere, we have player reviews until January and a bunch of other stuff. I actually have been thinking about doing a miscellaneous, whatever I feel like writing about, type thing for some Sunday mornings. It would be semi regular (IE: when I feel like it lol) and not about baseball just whatever I want to write about.

World Series

Astros make 5-run lead hold up to even Series

Wheeler’s velo dips in G2: ‘Bad time for it to happen’

“Yeah, I mean, it’s just late in the season,” Wheeler said. “Just go about my in-between start routine and hopefully get back out there.”

That one rubs the wrong way: Astros 5, Phillies 2

Wonderful Framber stops Phillies as Astros tie World Series at one!

Syndergaard to get Game 3 start for Phillies

Maldonado’s Borrowed Bat From Pujols Deemed Illegal to Use

“He used it because he thought it was very similar in size and weight to his own model,” Verducci said of Maldonado on the broadcast. “The barrel, he said, was slightly bigger. He also thought it was a way to honor the baseball legend, of course retiring at the close of this season.”

Team News

D-backs’ Christian Walker named Fielding Bible’s best defensive 1B

Walker was the runaway leader in Defensive Runs Saved at first base with 17. No other first baseman had more than 6. Walker’s 17 Runs Saved were the most by a first baseman since Joey Votto had 18 in 2017.

Diamondbacks 2022 Season Player Reviews: Jordan Luplow

Which Diamondbacks Have the Best Chance to Win a Gold Glove?

Diamondbacks Top Prospects #24: LHP Nate Savino

Other Baseball

Arenado to opt in; deal with Cards runs through 2027

Royals Considering Will Venable For Managerial Job

White Sox No Longer Considering Joe Espada In Managerial Search

Rob Manfred: “I’m Not Positive” About Athletics’ Chances Of Remaining In Oakland

There is a really good rebuttal piece by an SI writer. It shows that there were some leading questions and things taken out of context. One thing this article touches on is that there is no site in Las Vegas, so Oakland is actually “farther along” in the process.

Rob Manfred Didn’t Actually Say That

Red Sox Not Planning To Extend A Qualifying Offer To J.D. Martinez

Hmmm... lol

Anything Goes

This day in history:

“The War of the Worlds”—Orson Welles’s realistic radio dramatization of a Martian invasion of Earth—is broadcast on the radio on October 30, 1938.

In 1941, FDR approved lend-lease to the Soviet Union. As instrumental as the Red Storm was in the last year of the war for the Allied cause, it likely would never have even gotten to that point without aid from the US. I would say, “west” but my grandfather and the UK were standing alone, at the least officially.

This day in baseball:

On this day, Bob Brenly was named manager of the Dbacks in 2000, exactly one year later, he was leading the NL Pennant winning DBacks against the Yankees in Yankee Stadium.

Finding a spider on Halloween night is considered good luck.

Despite the common phobia of spiders many people share, spotting this insect on Halloween night is considered great luck. It is believed that if you see a spider during Halloween, it means that a loved one is watching over you.

In many parts of the world, spiders are seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Another superstition states that if a spider crawls into your pocket, it will bless you with everlasting wealth.

Trick or treating tradition is believed to have originated from Celtic traditions.

In the history of Halloween, trick or treating is said to root from old Samhain festivals. Dating back to the beginning of the 9th century, Samhain festivals practiced lighting bonfires and wearing costumes to ward off evil spirits and ghosts.

Día de los Muertos

Origins of Halloween

Various links about witch trials, if you are interested.