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SnakeBytes 10/28: World Series Day

Our long, national nightmare of World Series Eves finally comes to an end

A perspective shot of the rail of the Houston Astro’s dugout, with World Series 2022 emblazoned on it, getting larger as it gets closer to the camera, Towards the back of the shot is Jose Altuve in warm up gear looking at something off camera Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Well, after seriously way too long between the end of the Championship Series, the World Series has finally arrived. The Phillies will travel to take on the Astros in Houston for Game 1. First pitch is at 5:03 PM Arizona time and it will air, as always, on Fox.

(Yahoo! Sports) Shaikin: Forgive and forget? Astros should go into World Series embracing their villainy

Said Baker: “I just wonder about the forgiveness of mankind.”

Forgive and forget is not possible without remorse and repentance. From the very top of their organization, the Astros made clear they had little interest in either. The buck did not stop there.

( Can the Phillies defense stack up to the Astros in the World Series?

The lineup the Phillies constructed has blown through the playoffs on big home run after big home run. But the Astros are the most complete opponent the Phillies will face — an elite hitting, pitching and fielding team.

Can the Astros take advantage of their balanced skill set and make defense the X-factor of this World Series? Can Bryce Harper & Co. pull off one last defensive upset and bring a championship to Philadelphia?

(ESPN) Dusty Baker laments lack of U.S.-born Black players in World Series

Is it unfortunate? 100 percent. Is it surprising? Not in the slightest. It is yet another side effect of MLB’s inability and refusal to market the sport to the changing and growing demographics in this country, and frankly, is the biggest threat that the league currently faces. Yet it is a problem of its own creation.

(NBC Philadelphia) Tim Furlong tries Texas BBQ ahead of game 1 of the World Series

What style of BBQ is the best? I expect this to spawn a 100 comment thread, just like sweet/unsweetened tea did.

( Willie Mays documentary to air on HBO, HBO Max

Directed by Nelson George, the documentary features black-and-white and color footage of Mays’ career, plus interviews with Mays, as well as many of his fellow baseball greats, from Barry Bonds and Reggie Jackson to Giants teammates Juan Marichal and Orlando Cepeda.

The documentary premieres on HBO on Nov. 8 at 9 p.m. ET, and will be available to stream on HBO Max.