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PYW’s 2022: The Wrap Up Show

No I didn’t forget... lol

A scene from the Bachelorette’s wrap up show, where the host is talking to the quote-unquote happy couple

It’s been a long grueling season. We’ve had laughs, some more laughs, laughed again... I think one person even pulled an oblique laughing. It’s been tough! But we made it through, and with 61% of the vote, we have a winner. Congratulations...


A gold trophy with the AZSnakepit Logo imposed over it. It stands on a wooden base with NikT77 engraved on it

Following a commanding run to finish of the second half, Nik continued his dominance into the final round, denying Jack a three-peat with 61% of the vote. Congratulations to all who played, and now Nik can take his rightful place among the previous champions!

PYWs Hall Of Fame
Jack Sommers
Jack Sommers
Keegan Thompson
Previous seasons have been lost to the inevitability of time

And with that, another season of PYWs, and thus, of Diamondbacks baseball, is in the books. It’s been a great year, despite the Owners and the MLBPA trying to screw it up at the start. Here’s to 2022 and onwards to 2023!

As always, I want to thank Jim for letting me do this every season. He could, at any point, tell me that, I dunno, have to write real articles or something, but he keeps on letting me do my thing over here. I greatly appreciate it, and I’ll keep on plugging away as long as he’ll let me.

And of course, thank you to all who participate, either one in the season or faithfully every week. Without you all, there would be no PYWs, and I’m glad that we get to continue this journey of comedy and mockery every year. Of course, I’ll still be around. Playoffs are still ongoing, player reviews come after that, then the winter meetings, the Hot Stove, and well, wouldn’t you know, after that Spring Training all over again! But for the 2022 season, this is your host ISH95 signing off. Good night!