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Tidings from Turambar: Gigantes 4 D-backs 3

One last Turambarcap before we go...

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Houston Astros
Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

OneWheel’d my way over to my local watering hole for a little baseball, but mostly football.

For those of you who care; yes I wear a helmet and took an edible.
Inning 1:

Varsho gets this game going with a single, and CWalk makes things a bit interest with a two out single, but it was not to be.
The Gigantes have other plans though, as they get to Davies quickly. Luckily only one run crosses the plate, but 27 pitches to start the afternoon ain’t no way to run a railroad.

Inning 2:

Giants pitching by committee today? Alexander out and Szapucki in. Meh, doesn’t seem to matter too much as yet more Dbacks are stranded once again and we’re off to the bottom of the frame still down 0-1.

Things started to look better for Davies in the 2nd, yet two straight walks after a quick two outs puts those good feelings to bed quite quickly. By the grace of God we somehow get out of that inning without giving up another walk or run, but Davies is already 53 pitches in and looking pretty shaky. 0-1 going in to the 3rd.

Inning 3:

Optimism returns to my realm, as Varsho and Kelly both get aboard to start things off here in the 3rd. Siggghhhhhhh…then CWalk grounds in to a double play and our brief threat is over. At least we appear more competent than the Cards.

Finally a solid Davies inning involving no drama (except for another walk). Still, you know his afternoon is gonna be short when he’s at 71 pitches through 3 innings of work. Bleh. Still better than the Cards.

Inning 4:

Once more we start things out with 2on and no outs, and once more a double play sees our hopes undone. Gah!

Davies navigates through another frame, this time minus any walks. Also with only 7 pitches thrown he’s lived to throw at least one more frame. So there’s that…still 0-1 Gigantes going in to the 5th though.

Inning 5:

Finally! A Carson Kelly 2out double followed by a McCarthy double finally nets us a run and we at last have some life in this game! 1-1 going in to the bottom of the 5th.

Davies once more throws another solid inning, and likely his last. Can’t ask for much more after how he started, so I’m happy. Kept it close despite being shaky, and I can get behind that.
Inning 6:

Lol at us. Yet another inning with Dbacks in scoring position and yet another double play to end things quite abruptly. Blehhhhh

Caleb Smith comes in to relieve Davies and does his job (unlike so many other bullpenners) thus seeing us off to the 7th still tied.

Inning 7:

No dice once more for our bats, but at least there was not another double play ball.

Caleb throws away my hood vibes by giving up a solo shot to break the tie. 1-2 going in to the 8th.

Inning 8:

We’re back in it once more! Thanks to a Rojas double my live bet is alive once more!
Ginkel comes in for Smith and keeps this game tied at 2, so we’re finally getting to crunch time. Let’s see if we can make this happen.

Inning 9:

Apparently neither team felt like wrapping it up in regulation. Yay me, though I’m sure some of you still enjoy free baseball.
Inning 10:

McCarthy does his best to play the part of the hero and helps us to a 3-2 lead to start off this extra innings, but then the bullpen happens…

Widener, who certainly isn’t Malencon or Kennedy, can’t save the game. Thus with two Gigantes on and no outs a Villar single drives in the tying and winning run and the game draws to a close.

Siggghhhhhhhh. Night all.

Bells and whistles, by Jim

  • Groucho: Jake McCarthy, +51.6%
  • Harpo: Rojas, +28.3%; Davies, +13.1%; Melancon, +13.1%; Ginkel, +10.3%
  • Zeppo: Taylor Widener, -56.7%
  • Chico: Alcantara, -37.8%; Walker, -19.5%; Smith, -17.2%; Perdomo, -15.1%

Just shy of a hundred comments in the GDT, but nothing turned Sedona Red. Curious if we end up with more comments in the AAA Championship Game, with the Reno Aces. It’s been a very entertaining contest so far, as is tied as we head into the eighth inning. As for the D-backs, they will head to Milwaukee for their final series of the season - I believe that, having eliminated the Giants with the win yesterday, they can also end the Brewers’ post-season hopes with a win tomorrow. Tommy Henry starts for the D-backs, with a first pitch at 4:40 pm, Arizona time.