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Rate the 2022 Diamondbacks

Please use a 4H pencil, and only between the lines...

A Teacher’s Life During COVID-19 Pandemic Photo by Zuzana Gogova/Getty Images

As usual, one of the main off-season projects will involve reviewing all the players to have pulled on Sedona Red this year, from the everyday men down to the “Who’s he?” of relievers. The order in which this is done is determined by the overall ranking score from 1 to 10, and this very page is where we’ll find that out. Below, you’ll find a form listing all 57 Diamondback players for 2022, along with manager Torey Lovullo and GM Mike Hazen, for your ranking pleasure. It’s up to you to determine the criteria used for your ranking, but I’d be inclined not to over-think it too much. If you find yourself agonizing over whether a fringe utility infielder is a 2 or a 3, you’re doing it wrong. There are no incorrect answers here...

That said, there is a field for SnakePit username, mostly to prevent ballot-stuffing. We do scan the results for sanity and obvious attempts at skewing the results. For reasons of security, we will not divulge the precise criteria we use, but if you rate Dallas Keuchel as a nine, your ballot will be unlikely to form part of the final results... You’ve got until the start of the World Series to complete the ballot, as we’ll be starting on the reviews very shortly thereafter. The form is below or is linked here for those on mobile devices.