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Snake Bytes, 10/11: The Division Bell

Both Division Series get under way today.

A large sculpture of the album cover The Division Bell... Photo by Rahman Hassani/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Team news

[MLB Trade Rumors] Projected Arbitration Salaries For 2023 - The D-backs may not have many decisions to make, but as we discussed, arbitration will boost the salaries of a number of their young players next year. Leading the pack is potential NL Cy Young finalist, Zac Gallen, who is predicted to earn $4.5 million.

[SI] Diamondbacks Minor League Parks a Pitcher’s Gauntlet - With three out of the four Diamondbacks minor league parks being in extreme hitters environments, the organization ranks 2nd among all MLB organizations in terms of hitter friendly environments overall. Only Oakland has a tougher environment for pitchers.

[Arizona Sports] Arizona Diamondbacks 2022 report cards: Outfielders - Perhaps the biggest bright spot for the Arizona Diamondbacks this season was their outfield play. The infusion of youth brought timely hits, elite defense and all around helped set the identity of the team. Especially in the second half, the D-backs outfield play emerged as one of the best in baseball.

[SI] Catching up with Jordan Lawlar in the Arizona Fall League - When asked about the competition and environment of the Fall League, Lawlar said, “It’s exciting, I enjoy coming to the field every day knowing that I face that kind of competition. Obviously I learned a lot from these guys and ask them questions, learning different thought processes, and just a great time.”

And, elsewhere...

[FiveThirtyEight] How Each Underdog In MLB’s Divisional Round Could Spring An Upset - This San Diego team has its flaws; the opponent it’s facing may not have any. But the theory of the Padres upending the Dodgers is similar to the one that already worked to knock off the 101-win New York Mets: San Diego has the talent and depth to run with anybody, they just need to be harnessed effectively.

[Spectrum News] Pitch clock resulted in stark decrease in minor league game times in 2022 - But it caused some unexpected issues. Mehring said the Rattlers played back-to-back games in Michigan where fireworks shows were scheduled afterward. On the first night, the game went so quickly he said the promo crew had to entertain the fans for a half hour before it was dark enough.

[SI] The Biggest Pitching Trends and Oddities of the MLB Postseason - This postseason is more unpredictable than ever because of the wild-card series replacing the wild-card game and because of scheduling quirks caused by the lockout. The changes will have a profound effect on pitching. Here are the biggest pitching trends and oddities in store with this postseason ’22 update.

[Film Blitz] 31 Days of Classic Horror: The Fly - For the spooky month of October, I've been reviewing one film from each year, 1957-1987. Here's my piece about the original version of The Fly, starring Vincent Price, memorably remade in the eighties by David Cronenberg.